TBM park brake alarm

I haver a continuous alarm when the park brake is set to on in the TBM.
Any solution pleaser

click on the red master caution, it’ll silence the alarm

That doesn’t do it.
Think I know what the issue is, doing a test now to see.
Will come back with result soon, if it is what I think it is.
I have a feeling that it is something in the Community folder (generally the root of all evils)

For me (and others) it was the msfs2020-C208-Improvment-Mod in the Community folder causing the problem. If you have the C208 mod make sure you have the latest version, it has been fixed with the latest version and no more problems with the TBM 930 parking brake alarm.

Thanks, I will have a look.
That rings a bell somewhere in that vast space of my mind

I’m having the issue on Xbox just after SU6. The mater alarm button won’t shut off the alarm. Not sure if that’s supposed to be like that in real life but somehow I doubt it.

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I had contacted Milviz and they said that they would do an update after SU6.
So keep an eye out. Hopefully it won’t be to long in coming.

why would you contact Milviz for a stock Asobo’s plane?

There is an existing report which may be of interest here:

The reason being that something in the Milviz PC6 Porter is conflicting with the TBM.
It was a port of call to get information regarding the issue.
This was the response from Milviz:
Had a very prompt response from the team at Milviz explaining the issue.
Here is the response:

"So the issue is that we do include a small g1000 mod to the file CommonPFD_MFD.js, in order to turn ON PFD annunciations, as they are turned off by default in the simulator for turboprops only, in the G1000. You can verify this by removing our Porter, as well as any community mods for the C208, and note that there are no PFD annunciations present in the C208 - one of the many things broken on that default aircraft.

The file CommonPFD_MFD.js includes a line which restricts those PFD annunciations to piston powered aircraft, which is why they work in the C172 and others.

However, due to your report, I’ve found that turning these annunciations on for turboprop powered aircraft ALSO turns them on for not only G1000 equipped turboprops like the C208 (or indeed, our Porter), but also for G3000 equipped aircraft like the TBM. The issue there is that the G3000 isn’t supposed to have PFD annunciations - it has a CAS panel in the MFD.

The good news is that the issue where G1000 equipped turboprops don’t have working annunciations will be fixed by Asobo in the upcoming sim update, due in a few weeks. At that point, we’ll be removing our mod from the Porter, and it will no longer interfere with the TBM.

So I guess that Asobo did not correct the issue in the update.

My statement is wrong. Went back to the email and reread it. Seems it is Asobos issue to fix.
Sorry Milviz

I have been doing some indepth trouble shooting, with the TBM and have discovered that the issue with the BATTERY/GPU switch.
Try it and see if it is the same for you. Go from off to battery then GPU and turn off again.
I tested the park brake with engine running and not running. Engine running alarm stopped when park brake released. With engine off the alarm did not turn off when park brake released but, did stop when battery power cut and commenced again when power restored.
Hopefully Asobo will pickup on this real quick.

Ticket submitted

doesnt work for me just constant alarm, very annoying

Fixes the problem


This did not work for me, still constant alarm until engines start

For me it worked

Remove the old mod first and put the 0.7.6a restart MSFS 2020

Nice will try it

Version 6a of the G3000 worked for me. Use the link above

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Still not a fix for the Xbox community till a fix comes in.