TBM park brake alarm

Quick thanks to 'github and posts above. 0.7.6a worked, the forum is a value to users - appreciate the update and comments.

This G3000 update did not fix the problem for me. Still getting the alarm with parking brake.

There is a possibility that a conflict is occurring with something on your community folder. Try moving or renaming community folder to community.old and see if it stops. If it does then you need to go thru the community folder to find out what is causing it.

Thank you! Your post made me double check my mods. Turns out I didn’t have the G3000 mod turned on in MSFS Addons Linker. Now when I set the parking brake, the alarm turns on, but successfully turns off once I click the Master Warning button.

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I’m hearing this may now be fixed in SU7. I’m still downloading it now.

Does anybody know how to silence the parking brake alarm? It cannot be shut off after SU8 update.

Press the Master Warning.

That I know, doesn’t work

Really? I just tired and it did.

In the TBM I have a switch assigned to parking brake. All I have to do is flip the switch on/off and it silences it. It’s like the sim doesn’t realize the starting position of the switch–could be how I assigned it as well (set parking brake vs. parking brake on/off)–I’ll have to investigate.

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Well I stand corrected. I had not done the most recent update yet, and once updated, now my TBM parking brake alarm cannot be silenced using the master warning switch. Yes, turning off the parking brake stops the alarm, but after parking and activating the brake, I get the alarm bell but the master alarm switch doesn’t even light up.

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