TBM Park Brake switch chattering w

Hi All
Have an issue with the park brake chattering when the button on the Honeycomb Bravo Quadrant is set to on via the toggle park brake selected as the method of setting the park brake on the TBM.
I had set up a master profile and amended it for each type of aircraft, so it should work fine.
It is okay on all other aircraft and yes, I have tried other switches.
Hope this makes sense.
Any ideas appreciated

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Maybe it’s because you bound it to “TOGGLE” instead of “SET”?
You need to know the differences between the terminology used for controls. between TOGGLE, SET, and SET ON/OFF. These three different terms behaves differently to different types of buttons that you have. Incorrectly binding the wrong commands to the wrong button type is what’s causing the vibrations.

Toggle is used for buttons that Apply and bounced back to disengage. Like your Keyboard. When you press, it sends a command, and when you lift your finger it stops the command. So if you’re binding Toggle to a button or a slider that stays in place. The sim will interpret that continuous input as multiple commands multiple times because your quadrant is keeps on feeding it with the command. Think of it like when you hold a key in your keyboard (like K for example) and it’ll keep typing like “kkkkkkkkkkkkkk” until you release that key. It’s the same thing that’s happening here.

You need to rebind your parking brake from Toggle to use the “Set Parking brake” instead.

Thankyou, I will have a look at it an make the suggested change.

Thanks, did the trick.

Glad I could help. Don’t forget to set that post as the solution so anyone else could benefit as well.