TBM Shutdown

After flying from point to point, landing, and parking, trying to shut down the TBM is a problem. I follow the check list but have a problem with the idle and lo idle. Does the throttle move to the other side of the indicator? That’s where Idle and lo idle are, but I can’t get the throttle stick to move there.


I’m using the checklist autocomplete for all the throttle movements. Not aware as of now how to move the throttle across. Oh, using the @mixMugz great mod, maybe that makes a difference if you don’t have it?

Where do you set Checklist Autocomplete? Sounds useful.


Use the lever or key for decreasing mixture, the the lever switches to the right side and you can pull it into the shutdown position using the mouse.

The Problem is I can’t move the throttle lever to the right side with the mouse. I tried left clicking the mouse to see if it grabs the throttle, like video I watched, but no luck. Also, my checklist does not have autocomplete option at the bottom. Must be in that mod you suggested.

The autocomplete in the checklist is not related to the mod, it’s a setting in the sim:

I really like it because of the voice response, for me it adds to immersion. I click the “evaluate” first, the co-pilot responds, and I do the required action. Except with the TBM throttle :wink:

Depending on what control scheme you are using (and I can’t remember what they are called now), but with the newer one the way to get the throttle across is highlight it then left click and right click together (sort of). I usually left click, hold it then right click. This will move it from whichever track it’s in to the other.

This is the control scheme where when the mouse cursor is over a control element such as a throttle, or switch or knob it highlights it.

Regardless of whether you are using the lock interaction system or the legacy interaction it works the same which is different that how it was pre SU5.

Pre SU5 you could just drag the throttle lever over to the hi/lo idle side.

Now you have to hold left click and then right click and it will switch sides. Again this is regardless of which control scheme you are using.

You may need to reset you mouse bindings to default since there are new interactions added with SU5 that are needed to for everything to work.

Or if you have a saitek throttle quadrant like me, you use the blue prop lever to change the throttle in the TBM over to idle.

Hold the left mouse button and then click the right mouse button. It will then slide over.

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I tried that and it worked.


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