TBM Throttle Set-up

I actually did a search on this, but none of the answers seemed to do the trick. On all the other singles, I use the left lever on my X-56 throttle for the throttle, and the right one for the condition lever.

Then the TBM comes along, and that single, multi-function throttle lever is screwing everything up. I refuse to use my mouse when I have expensive peripherals.

SO - how does one go about setting up a throttle, any throttle, to work with the TBM? How do you go from cut-off to idle to throttle, when all your lever does is go up and down? I have the X-56 and I’m waiting for the Bravo.

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I have a Logitech Throttle Quadrant - it has a idle cut-off position at the bottom of the movement range - you can hear it “click” as the lever clears a lip inside the throttle housing, as well as red stripe markings denoting the end of the movement range. Move up to 0, I’m at idle. Markings for 30, 50, 75, 100. So hands off keyboard definitely for me.

So if I’m reading you correctly, moving your throttle part-way (from idle cut-off) will put your TBM throttle in the Idle position, and moving it further will shift it to the left side as the actual throttle.

If so, what then happens when you want to pull the throttle back down to the reverse position? Won’t it just jump back over to the right side and shut the engine down?

I don’t have a hardware mapping to reverse. I use F2 reduce thrust, not reverse toggle. Reverse Thrust in general is really finicky in the sim. I let the jet drivers worry about that setting. Once I’m on landing rollout, I hold down F2 and come to a very quick stop.

If you use FSUIPC you could theoretically map different ranges to get it working. Your main range would be throttle, then near idle on your throttle could have a range to pull prop back to set it to lo idle then at idle on your throttle it could be mapped to reverse thrust. Without 2 physical detents to know where you are exactly it would be kind of a pain though. If the X-56 is anything like my old X-52 then you could have the detent set to lo idle then below it reverse thrust.

I have found out that my X-56 throttle works thusly: From Fuel Cutoff (full back, right side), as I push my throttle forward, the TBM handle goes to the cut-over position, and as I go further, it shifts to the left side.

As I retard the throttle, the TBM handle continues past the cut-over all the way to the bottom, through Idle. It seems that I can just use the mouse to do the start-up, and continue with my throttle.

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With the X56 I’ve been using the ‘Rotary Dial G’ for propeller pitch adjustment, which also seems double nicely as the horizontal throttle movement on the TBM.

Combined with setting the ‘SLD’ button (joy33) as toggle reverse thrust this gives full range across horizontal & vertical throttle axis, including the ability to feather it during the before taxi checklist.