TBM930 mod NO interior

Hi, I have the same problem as “Fiideell” in this post:
and he posted this solution: “Sorry my bad, I left one TBM mode activated. All works fine now.”
Can someone tell me what he did.
Thanks for help

This problem and its solution have been explained several times in the official TBM 930 Mod thread. I suggest a search.

He doesn’t state what exactly the mod was. Just as a guess - it was a livery, otherwise the only mods are MixMugz and the branch Mod after developed slowed/stopped on MM’s mod. In any case, remove ALL your mods and that will tell you if one of them is the suspect if you get the itnterior back.

If the problem is the TBM Improvement Mod, the solution is explained in the thread I mentioned above

If you’re aware of which post it is in the thread, feel free to point the inquirer to it as this is courtesy in the forum. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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i tied a search, but nothing pointing to my problem shows up. So if you could post a link, would be appreciated.

What you need is luka97’s version 6.4.1 - it’s hard to find, so… Merry Christmas!

Even though the package is marked 6.4.1, the dev neglected to update the manifest.json, so I suggest a manual edit of that file after installation so that you don’t forget and later think you have an older version.

Hello, are you in the AAU 1 beta?

Sorry - got this thread from the suggestions at the bottom of the list - didn’t realize it was beta related…

No worries! I was actually asking the OP, Juergen22024, but the forum software doesn’t like to show whom you replied to if you reply to the first post or the immediate post above you, which is a little confusing.

Are you suggesting that after download of Release-luka97/msfs_tbm930_project, I need to manually edit the manifest.json file? If yes -how? what entries?
What is AAU 1 beta? I am pretty sure I am not.
Thanks for help guys

@Juergen22024 If you’re not sure if you’re in the beta flight, then I’m pretty sure you’re not. It’s something you have to manually opt-in in order to participate.

The json files are just text (xml, actually), and can be opened in any text editor. The manifest file is just a short file with different descriptive information for the sim. Once you open it up, it’s easy to read and make adjustments when needed. The “package_version” line is the one to edit. I also edit the folder name so that I can see what I have within the Community folder at a glance.

@N316TS No problem! When you asked about the beta, it made me realize that the beta might affect the improvement mod - I can’t remember if the dev’s are making changes to the TBM or not.

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Hi Juergen22024 ,

As tclayton2k said, if you don’t know if you’re in the beta, you’re probably not. You posted this in a category called Aircraft & Avionics I Beta. AAU I stands for “Aircraft and Avionics Update I”.
I am going to move your thread to Tech Support, where you can discuss things not in the beta.

Hi tclayton2k,

Yessir. This was posted in a beta subcategory called Daher TBM 930. So it was modified in this beta.

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Thanks for help. I installed the luka97_tbm930 and it seems to work fine.
Thanks again and happy holidays

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