TBM930 NO Autopilot MSFS PC

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I’ve seen before issues with no autopilot in the TBM930 It’s NOV 2023. I can’t seem to get the autopilot to work no matter what I do. Is this still an issue or has it been solved? If solved, then how?

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There is an autopilot switch on the overhead on the right.

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In my normal start routine for this plane, the first thing I do is work the overhead panel:

  • Center - battery and generator to On
  • Left Side - nav lights to On
  • Right side - Fuel Auto-select to On and Trim/Autopilot switch to full up to enable the AP servos.

After that, I get the MFD initialized so that I have full engine instrumentation. Then back up to the overhead to hit the starter, and move on from there.