TBM930 with some liveries engine and ctrl data on MFD display is messed up

hi all.

anyone maybe had similar issue and could help me. i observed that for TBM930 when I select some of my 3rd party liveries it messes up with item placement on MFD, making stuff not visible anymore (but at the same time I also have 3rd party livery for which everything is correct). for msfs included liveries everything seems to be fine.

I use tbm930 performance mod and g3000 mod (but with those mods enabled there are cases where everything is correct so I put this down to livery change which is the only variable influencing messed up MFD in my view)

any ideas? if those liveries are broken somehow, is there a way I could fix this?

I use pc and everything is updated to most recent versions.

thanks a lot for help! happy flying :slight_smile:

To confirm, everything works with the Performance (Mugz) and Working Title mods if you remove the non-standard liveries?

If so, this isn’t a stock sim problem and we need to move this to #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities forum. Also, if it is the case, your best bet is to contact the liveries author(s) and raise the defect with them. Please advise. Thanks.

thanks for answer. yes, indeed everything works fine with performance and WT mods and stock liveries. please move my post, I was not aware that it’s better to post this over there. thank you.

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well, I removed model & panel in livery’s aircraft.cfg and it solved the problem somehow.

Panel may conflict with Mugz and/or WT. Glad you got it sorted.

I marked your post as the solution so others may benefit.