TCA and the TBM 930

my tmb 930 throttle does work anymore after the SU5. I have the Thrustmaster Airbus TCA set. any ideas

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That was a bug for sure! I’m not flying TBM 930 and waiting for a fix if there is any​:crazy_face::flushed:

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it’s fix now the tbm mod is out , go get now at and I to get the throttle to work someone in the chat room said to use the right and left mouse button and hold both down and drag the throttle to left. and it works. I just did a flight in sidney.

I know that but I don’t want to do that because it’s just not realistic at all. And MS/Asobo should be the one to fix what they broke but not the simer or their customers​:thinking::joy:

Moving the throttle as said above using both mouse buttons is unrealistic, but that is the way to move the throttle as you need it during the flight.
Any way the TBM930 throttle deplacement is specific and none actual joystick is able to manage it.


Asobo didn’t break it, hence they can’t fix it.
It never worked the way it does IRL for the reason @Coleo91 mentioned.

It’s never like that before SU5, so if it was not broke by Asobo then the game must be haunted.:scream::rofl:

Correct, but it wasn’t realistic before SU5 either.
I honestly don’t understand the complaint.

an Airbus TCA to manage Daher TBM930 throttle can’t do the job !..

Hi I use SPAD.neXt to make my TCA TQ work perfect with the TBM Throttle…

I am not sure if there is a way to map some of these actions in the Sim Bindings but maybe you will be able to figure it out… Other 3rd party control apps can probably work…

The real TBM has a button/lever on the throttle you have to pull up and hold in order to move the throttle stick over to the left or right slots. Perhaps they are trying to simulate that with having to press both buttons on the mouse.