TCA Boeing Yoke for general aviation?

Does anyone use the TCA Boeing yoke as their only yoke? I was wondering whether to sell my Honeycomb Alpha as I love the PMDG 737 but I also fly GA sometimes. I don’t really want to have 2 yokes and was wondering how well the TCA Boeing yoke handles with GA?

There’s a major typographical error in your title.

Thanks I’ve just amended it

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I use the Boeing yoke for everything, at this point. I’ve got a Hotas, but don’t plug it in any longer. I just find the yoke so nicely made and with such a nice feel to it, that I don’t want to not use it.

I switch between a HOTAS and yoke depending on the aircraft but if it is meant to use a yoke that’s the one I use. It works well for GA. I’ve thought about getting the Honeycomb Bravo to use as my quadrant for some setups even though I have the TM TCA Boeing quadrant as well.

Hi , Sorry to message you here but I’ve just signed up so I can’t post in the main forum.

I’ve got the Boeing TCA for my Xbox and im having an issue and I’m wondering if its me or the new update, You know those two sliders that sit just under the yoke? Well the one on the right side has been controlling my camer which is super strange, Sliding the right slider up tilts my camera up (cockpit view and external) and sliding it down tilts the camera down, I have to keep It in the middle which sucks because its my speed break control.

I don’t suppose the same thing is happening with yours?

No. I’ve never experienced that.

You may want to make an entirely new control profile and remap all your controls. It’s a pain, for sure, but worth a test.

Are you using rudder pedals? Which ones and if not, what have you assigned for rudder? Thx!

I have the Thrustmaster TPR pedals.

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