TCA Quadrant Throttle stagger

I just bought the tca quadrant and I noticed there is a throttle stagger as when both levers on idle they r not perfectly aligned as the left is a little bit forward and it even shows in the sim the left engine is spooled up while the right is on idle. Is this a problem with the product or maybe there is an adjustment that can be done to fix it.

Do a full factory recalibration process. You can search in this forum on the TCA Quadrant calibration.

I did. Didn’t help as the levers are physically misaligned. I was hoping if there is some sort of adjustments for the levers to align them

Wait, the levers are physically misaligned? Sounds like a manufacturing defect in this case, I would ask for a refund or a replacement.

Note that the official method of the Recalibration process has a missing step. So you have to press the red buttons at all detents. So in total, you should be pressing them 5x. one for TOGA, one for MCT, one for CL, one for IDLE, and one for FULL REVERSE.

had same issue, TM advised a replacement