TCA side stick stopped working

joy stick not working in flight but works in menu and sensitivity

I’ve had that issue once when I connected a non-standard gamepad
(Nintendo switch pro controller + bluetooth + BetterJoy drivers to emulate an Xbox360 controller).
The gamepad was interfering with game : the TCA joystick was no longer listened to.

I disconnected the controller and restarted MSFS, and it fixed the issue.
My guess is the game detecting the gamepad as an Xbox controller, mapped the controls to both controllers at the same time.
So even though the TCA joystick was attempting to send it’s commands, the gamepad was simultaneously also sending it’s own commands (Joysticks in their center position --> controls in their centre positions), conflicting with the TCA.

I did not try to customize the controls to get both working at the same time. I just disconnected the gamepad and did not try again.