TCA throttle quadrant add on

Has anybody heard or know anything about the release date of the TCA throttle quadrant addon (flaps/spoilers) ?

I purchased the trottle many months ago and have been looking almost everyday for the release of the addon (flaps and spoilers)

Located in Australia. Im happy to purchase overseas but still have not been able to find it avaliable.

I got my Addons in January but my came damaged and I had to sent it back.
Now I am waiting since January for a new Product :frowning:

I received my addons here in the UK a week ago - ordered on 4th January this year, at the same time as the TCA Officer Pack [Throttle Quadrant + sidestick] and Flying Clamp, from Aerosoft Gmbh (, one of the suppliers of Thrustmaster goods to the UK.
I am pleased with them - have not had much time using them - perhaps a couple of hours or so, but they do seem to add greatly to the “immersion” factor, particularly in VR.
What with the fiasco about UK/Brexit etc., I had to pay additional customs duty and charges of around £55 though - really did not please me.
However, I am still glad I purchased this setup.
Hope you have success in getting your hands on them.
Regards, Alasdair (aka Flybasher…)

How much did you end up paying including the extra 55 pounds?
I found the addon on ebay from the US but it’s $355 aud. Just wondering if this is about the RRP seems a bit steep

I live in Australia too, and I end up buying the one from Ebay. It’s steep, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I can’t believe I paid extra to scalpers… the shame…

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Total cost to me £321 GBP.
This included Officer Pack (TQ + Sidestick), Addons, and Flying Clamp, and the £55 customs tax/admin charge.
I see from the Aerosoft Gmbh website that all the items are shown at the same price I paid for them.
Best of luck.

Just noticed this product has finally become available in Australia, Kogan or JW computers retailing around $200 AUD. So happy I can finally get my hands on this, I’m sure it will be worth the wait :slight_smile:

It’s definitely worth the wait. It’s awesome. You have to do a bit of changing the bindings to make it work best.

Especially the spoilers axis. I had to remove the spoilers to use Axis it because it interferes with the auto-spoilers arming.

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