TCA throttle


I just received my TCA officer pack. However trying to setup the throttle portion. When I have my throttle in the idle position (first position above reverse) the aircraft is registering it as being in full reverse.

I have tried changing the sensitivity and dead zones but nothing has helped.

Change your throttle bindings and neutral point. It should be bound to Throttle Engine X axis (0-100%) and not the usual Throttle Engine Axis. Then change the neutral point to slide where the idle point is at.

But if you are flying the A320, I would recommend you to download and install the A32NX Mod with the Experimental Custom FBW version. That mod fully supports configurable throttle setup for the TCA Quadrant. So by having the sensitivity set to fully linear 0,0,0, it has customised throttle levels that each detents in your Quadrant matches the detents in the sim.

I just downloaded that at your recommendation and am following the instructions but I’m unable to find the throttle config that needs to be changed.

Nevermind I found that. But now I can not get the reverse to function. When I push the throttles down nothing happens.

Edit the throttle config ini file, to use these values:

Log = true
Enabled = true
ReverseOnAxis = true
ReverseIdle = true
DetentDeadZone = 2.5
DetentReverseIdle = -0.90
DetentReverseFull = -1.00
DetentIdle = -0.42
DetentClimb = 0.06
DetentFlexMct = 0.53
DetentTakeOffGoAround = 1.00

Those are what I did following the video from 320 sim pilot. But I still have no reverse.

Ehhhh… scratching my head
Have you done a factory recalibration of the TCA quadrant?

I have not. I am not even sure how to do that.

I think I figured it out. I accidentally had “reverseonaxis” set to false.

aahhh… glad to hear it’s working for you.