TCA Thrustmaster

Hello! I had calibrated my new Airbus TCA pack to MSFS. I Have one issue - when I put the levers of quadrant to full reverse, they go to idle in sim (A32NX).

us the flypad option - settings - simoption to calibrate the TCA

I have done it. Tried several times, all other positions is okay. One problem is when i fully put levers back to reverse, they go to idle in sim, but if i put levers in reverse, but not fully, they staybin reverse.

Have you gone through this procedure?

flyPad Throttle Calibration - FlyByWire Simulations Documentation

Thank you for answer. Will try it and will leave feedback is it will solve it

Problem solved. I’ve done all the procedures one more time, made a reset to default and calibration one more time, all is working.
Thank you all!