Can anyone please tell me how to get the correct format in Little Navmap for the TDS GTN750Xi.
Been looking but can’t seem to find the right one.
Any help appreciated .
Thanks in advance

You need to export in the Garmin .gpf format.

Thanks for the response, I will lool for that option in the Little Navmap menu.

Can someone please show me where in Little Navmap i can export a flight plan in Garmin .gfp format

Under File, select Multiexport Flight Plan Options … In the window which comes up, select one of the gfp rows - I use Flight1 Garmin GTN 650/750. Select the path you want to save the file to (I think the file has to be saved to ProgramData\TDS\GTNXi\FPL for the TDS GTNXi). You only need to do this step once. Then, whenever you want to export your flight plan to the gfp format, click on File and select Multiexport Flight Plan.

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