Tearing In Scenery?

Hi: I have begun noticing some tearing in my scenery, usually at an obvious division, say, between reflections or where a beach meets the water, etc. The tearing goes right along as I turn and fills in behind itself (if that makes sense) …Which of my graphics settings, if any, would maybe stop this? Thanks a lot!

Try enabling VSYNC at 30fps in the settings and see what that looks like. (This is assuming you can get to 30fps to begin with)

I am experiencing some tearing in graphics for the first time. I have frames set to 30 from in-game v-sync. I’m seeing the tearing mostly when I switch from outside the plane back to cockpit. Never really noticed this until last few days (approximately Feb.3rd).

Also along with BigCow74’s post:
GPU drivers up to date?
Any GPU settings not on default?
Try emptying Rolling Cache?
Mods in community folder causing a conflict?