Tearing when I return back to VR

everything is smooth till I stop VR due to long cruising and return back later (even after 2minutes) to VR.

I get massive tearing and literally nothing helps and only solution is to restart the pc. This happens with link cable and started happening only recently. Happened before and had to switch to Virtual Desktop and than formatted the pc and installed everything from scratch. Now it starts again.

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Why would you format a PC to cure a graphics card or even monitor problem? Even if it is a fault (which I doubt) at most you should only have to reinstall your drivers. As it is I suspect you have a rogue setting somewhere and I suggest you research your equipment.

I did try to re-install all the drivers but the only solution at that time was to format. Sometimes it looks as if it does it for few minutes and than clears but most of the time it continues till I restart the PC,

I have no idea if it will fix your particular problem but I am going to suggest you upgrade to Windows 11 because it has several as yet hidden fixes for gaming hardware, certainly MSFS runs very smoothly on it. Also there will probably be forums and hardware advice just for your headset somewhere as this really sounds like it could be a common problem.

have same problem and windows 11 did not fix it

Out of interest, have you turn off the sleep mode on your USB connections?

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