"Tech Alpha Inside" title

If this is a bug, I will delete the post.
I don’t think, it’s a bug. I don’t see the archived alpha forum parts either, which means I’ve been removed.
Yes, it is not relevant now, until a next beta period. The principle of the procedure is outrageous I think.

That’s not there.

short title insider test
a priori I still have the title

Nah, some people still have it (like you), and some people don’t anymore (me and the OP). For us, the “Title” section is gone.

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may be due to the grade attributed on the forum corresponding to the participation rate on the forum during the alpha/beta period.

Your guess is as good as mine. Only the mods know :slight_smile:

No they don’t. It seems some people have lost the title. We’re looking into it.


It vanished for a few of us a couple of days ago, due to an error. Some have had their status returned.

I stand corrected!

If this is a bug, I apologize. Maybe I was suddenly angry (I hope).
We’ll waiting for a solution.

It seems to be an error and will be corrected. When details are available about how/when/what I’ll share them here :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info! Then I won’t delete the topic until then.
It all seemed too strange by error.

well I had a very rude Tech Alpha Insider basicly call anyone an idiot that had controller issues feel free to look.

We’re not all rude :slight_smile:


With 13k people, there will always be some rotten apples.

It was a good lesson, I really made a mistake.
I apologize for that.
Next time, I’m not going to write a post with that tone until it’s not proven.

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It’s a shame some people on here have lost control and have resorted to aggressive and troll behaviour. I understand the frustration but there’s no need for behaviour like this.

I realized I had made a mistake, apologized, and modified the post. Unfortunately, I can’t do more than this.
We are all different, we all make mistakes sometimes, everyone has a different stimulus threshold, that was it for me.

However, let’s look at the other side of the topic, which also partly caused the formation of this thread:

Many of us had good performance during the A/B period. That’s why I personally dared to buy the game. In contrast, now we can’t achieve enjoyable FPS even with low graphics settings. In the current state, it looks like our money has landed in the trash. All we want is for someone to confirm, “Yes, we know about the bug and we’re working on it”, nothing else.

These are small gestures, but they would reassure many.

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It still don’t come back to everyone. So?