Tech Alpha Insider tag removed?

I can change yours back to Tech Alpha Insider, or you can keep it as regular. Let me know!

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You can change your title in preferences and thanks for the tag back image


I can keep it regular.

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Lost my too

I wish I was regular. Sometimes it just comes in a wave and I have to almost run there clenched. Oh you mean the tag.

Carry on. As you were.


While we have you, how do I achieve regular?

Scrap that, just seen it’s a selection.

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Testing for my wonderful insider tag

Well I’m just glad I missed the cut…no beers without that regular Tech Insider paycheck!

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We all got re inserted to the Matrix and tags re applied, no deformity to be seen any more, back to your desks. :joy:

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Dang what about me…

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Annotation 2020-08-20 020710

You’re good to go!

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Test to see if my tag is correct :slight_smile:

Edit: no text under my username?

Freddy - Tech alpha insider

Strange topic :scream:

I guess a, “you had to be there” kind of thread eh. :thinking:

In alpha as well

It’s all fixed :sunglasses:

Edit: Scrap that.

Oh man!! I knew I shouldn’t have looked at that flashy thing the nice guy in the snazzy suit showed me! Fortunately I wrote a note to myself beforehand telling myself that I had in fact been an alpha tester. Now if I can find the note that says where I left my tag.

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Ok, not fixed we found another one!

Annotation 2020-08-20 030215

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At time of posting you’re still a blank…

Fixed a few more. Cheers!