Teensy/Arduino HID+Simconnect

hi there, first post on these forums,
I’m building a set of flight controls, HID based for now so it’s plug and play, I’d like to add feedback from the sim, with LEDs, possibly small displays to show freq values etc, I have seen many solutions in the likes of mobiflight, but these are too advanced solutions for me, they would not enable me to have my own custom hardware (I2C based hall effect sensors for example) and they don’t support Teensy.

Is it possible to have an HID device and be able to communicate with SimConnect from the same usb connection ? I’ve heard about USB serial, but I guess I won’t be able to have anything else send data on that line then…(like HID)
I realize I could possibly have my controls go through simconnect maybe and not have the HID and only one usb serial with everything, but then it needs a custom program and I loose the plug and play aspect. (I realize plug and play would only allow the basic controls from the HID and not the feedback from the sim)
any pointers appreciated


Simconnect is one thing, serial comm with Arduino other comm channel. Simply said, you need collect data from sim via API and then send via serial (or USB as serial port) or ETH port to Arduino. You need create simple bridge inside your application.

HID, yes, you can use this feature like simple general defined HID device. I think you need define Arduino functionality with driver type, if I good remember. I did my MS sim with Arduino quite long time ago. Try look at Arduino main web for functionality.

Sure you can do 2 way comms over USB but I’m not sure that HID supports all what you want to do. Sending buttons and axes is easy?Just take a look at existing peripherals that go beyond HID and you’ll see they need a driver on the host machine to support those other functions. It’s just easier to keep the flight controls HID and the other stuff via a dedicated external App such as MF or Air Manager.


look, your solution is simply PC app created with some higher programming language (look what are supported as API with library or DLL, I’ve my C++) and installed on sim PC, this is best because you can then only use direct access to sim. If you then want some other more independed channels with Arduino (to me one is enough) you can have serial Port via USB on Arduino and also independed ETH shield attached to it. 2 independed channels for data exchange :slight_smile:

I recommend Air Manager for the task. Other great options are there too like SimVim etc but I use Air Manager without issue for the role you discribe above

that was basicaly my question, can I have AirManager together with a HID on the same physical connection (I know nothing about USB)
Besides, I know HID is only one way that’s why I need some other app to transmit feedback to the controls, hopefully through the same USB cable… otherwise I might add a bluetooth device or something, feedback isn’t time critical

seems like that’s possible with AirManager, got to learn about that, thanks for pointing it out

Yes it’s possible with Air Manager but as I said before I’d recommend keeping flight controls as a HID.


you asked for Simconnect interface so I answered to you only to this type of interface. Glad you have other solution without some programming, looks like.