Temperature and altitude reporting are NOT fixed with the patch

I mean… it’s just so… frustrating. Offline I go, waiting for a fix 2 or 3 or 67… how can this be?

Over on the existing thread, mods confirmed that the dev team swears they fixed it but it seems to have been reverted in production somehow, and they’re looking into what went wrong.

(Honestly I’ve done enough real-world server software deployments to know that “someone left the wrong version in the auto-update script” or something is ENTIRELY possible. I’m annoyed they let it break but glad they’re working on it.)

I suspect you may be right about that. That was essentially my thought as well that someone didn’t roll out the correct code with the update.

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Fair enough, i know what you mean, been there too. I am just tired of this expectations management.

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saaaaaame feeling :slight_smile:

I would be ok with them taking a few weeks to make a fix if they needed. But no instead they lie and force it out in like 3 days. Who do you think you’re pleasing here, Asobo?


Two words: Regression Testing

How you can add that it is fixed to release notes when it patently is not fixed, I don’t know. QA isn’t what it used to be.


Nobody lied here.

We were involved in the testing of these fixes and this behavior was not observed over multiple flights over a number of hours, unfortunately. These issues were definitely resolved (as in we could switch builds and watch it come back).

The team is definitely looking into what is going on.

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Temp shifts still a problem for sure but happy to be flying again! I’m at FL200 north of Philly flying westerly towards COPES enroute from KJFK-KDFW in a PMDG DC-6 if it helps to isolate.

Temps shifts from -20C upwards to 15-20C instantly and airspeed dramatically decreases from 200k to around 160k. then a few minutes later, it’ll shift back just as dramatically. A/C violently yaws as this occurs.

Are you guys using the B key to set your altitude pressure? I haven’t checked recently, but, the B key broke everything about flying in the flight levels a few versions ago, as I’ve explained many times, at least as far as the Transponder and Auto Pilot’s were concerned. I don’t use the G1000, so I don’t know how that handles use of the B key, and maybe they fixed it (I doubt it). I don’t know if they ever did anything about the issues I reported.

I’ll check tonight, but it may be live weather will never work if they don’t fix how standard pressure is used by all of the instruments. There are three registers for pressure altitude and the B key affects all of them, but your altimeter knob only affects one of them. I’d have to study all of the instruments to recommend a fix (I’ve fixed my transponders to always report standard pressure as it should)

The temperature at altitude is an entirely different problem. In the meantime, I think the person who said to use preset weather is correct, as air pressure is at standard pressure in all of them (except maybe for the rain ones? I don’t know).

Yes, on the B for me…always. I do it several times until I level out past FL180 and make sure it rests at 29.92 after the B. For clarity…i’m not getting issues with Altitude. Only Temp/Wind spikes (sorry if I missed the topic).

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So, that’s the point; I think what you are saying is that you set your altimeter to 29.92 when you reach the flight levels (unless the B key does that at FL180? I don’t fly that high so I don’t know).

Setting your altimeter to 29.92 does not set the autopilot and transponder to 29.92, they stay at actual air pressure value last set by the B key. Now, it may be the G1000 and G3000 get around this issue, I don’t know, I haven’t studied them. And it may be Asobo did something to address the issue. I fixed the Transponders by having them report Standard Pressure, as opposed to Pressure Altitude (I forget the terminology). Anyway, I should shut up until I get home and look at it again.

That’s not what’s going on here. Look at the temperatures.


Anyone else seeing crazy temps at altitudes still? Also ATC still has no clue what altitude we are at? Am I the only one experiencing this still after the patch?


Jep. Aborted my flight. Engines went nuts because of the incorrect data.

I have just flown from Gatwick to Aberdeen with no issues weather fine fuel consumption spot on temperatures correct as far as I could see to cruise. This is in the FBW A320. Decided to take a trip from Gatwick to Nice (FBW A320) then over the English Channel I noticed I could not climb and Fuel consumption really high. Checked the OAT was at 38C not sure we have ever had this on the ground in the UK nevermind at 18000 feet.

This is all after the Hotfix to SU5 installed so it looks like there is still something broken with the weather.


With the extreme temperatures, try to calculate what the Density Altitude is which is what the aircraft and engines use. The density altitude may be way above the aircraft’s service ceiling which is why these bizarre temperatures need to be fixed ASAP. Live Weather is a very important feature to be broken like this.


Since living up to commitments are a good thing, I wonder what the chance of a hotfix on the weekend would be? :face_with_monocle:


The issues weren’t resolved. If they were, they wouldn’t be in the final build.

Or are you saying you don’t test final builds before they’re released?? That’s even worse.


That was the final build.

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