[TEMPORARILY SOLVED] CTD while loading a flight or within 1 minute after loading without any error message

  • NO OC
    CPU: i7 8700k
    RAM: 16GB
    PSU: EVGA 750 P2
  • Windows 11 Pro
    Version: 21H2
    OS build: 22000.376
  • Microsoft Store version
  • Graphic settings: very high preset
  • Latest nvidia graphics drivers (497.09) and visual c++ installed
  • Still crashing in safe mode
  • Still crashing after deleting rolling cache
  • Still crashing with empty community folder
  • Still crashing after reparing or resetting the app
  • Still crashing after a fresh install


which driver version do you have ? The latest driver update from Nvidia is the reason for that. Everybody with same rig as you ( me included) had to rollback to previous driver, in order to make it function again.
Only those with higher rig and DX12 didn’t have ctd’s

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Now I’m trying reinstalling again, then I will try your suggestion. Thanks

First of all, that driver has official reported issues with MSFS2020 CTD’s. You should roll back 1 or 2 versions.

If you have this on all driver versions then read below.

I’ve had CTD’s since SU5 and tried endlessly to fix it.
I finally found a fix that seems to work. Since applying these settings, I have not crashed once (as opposed to every single flight before)

Disable full screen optimizations and run as admin for MSFS2020
Set max frames in NCP for MSFS2020 to 30
Turn on VSYNC in-game settings and set frame limit to 60 (it’ll be capped to 30 anyway)

I know some of these settings conflict with each other and make no sense but something I done above fixed my CTD’s

Try it out and report back.

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Try the latest driver but disable Windows Hardware Accelerated Graphics (HAGS).

It seems to solve the issue for many (myself included).

Thank you. It seems to be solved with nvidia 496.13 driver version.

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Hi @ChucKSecT,
As noted above, there’s a known issue for some users with Nvidia version 497.09. Disabling HAGS seems to work for some.

Please see this topic:


As this is known, closing this topic.

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