Terraforming for sloped runway does not match scenery editor

When editing my scenery, it looks like this:

When loaded into the sim, it looks like this:

I am using the profile editor to create a sloped runway, and I actually did it successfully once at this same location, but for some reason I can’t get it to be correct again. The profile points:

None of my other polys (or anything else in this scenery) has terraforming enabled, so I don’t know how to fix this, or why what I see in the scenery editor does not actually become what I see in the sim.

Thanks for any possible help!

Edit to add: Those first to screenshots are from the same camera angle. The entire airport is lowered when in the scenery editor (which is good, because the whole airport is actually at the wrong altitude in sim it seems.) My only guess is that the sim insists the airport is higher than the runway, hence everything being raised up other than the runway itself.

Check into community folder if there’s not the scenery twice or release discrepancy

Otherwise I guess there’s some issue related to airport altitude reference … somewhere

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I did find that the airport was listed at in the scenery editor at 488 meters when it should have been 459, so I edited that but, sadly, it still doesn’t work quite right. I made sure to remove it from my computer folder and reload to avoid discrepancies but for whatever reason, the scenery editor and sim just will not match up in terms of terraforming. I’ve given up for the time being, but hopefully I can sort it out eventually. Thanks for the reply!

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Just a point I’ve missed an advice for it. When performing the Terraforming, we have to pay attention to which start each, of both initial red point of the Terraforming slope, is individually linked, otherwise it could be , we are doing actions of slope adjustment in the opposite way …

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