Terrain anomaly at NZQN

Hi - in the simulator, about 2 km east of the NZQN RW 23 threshold there is a large land mass (where the Kawarau River is) which does not exist in reality. It is directly on the approach so it is very inconvenient! Does anyone else have this problem? It is not to do with the iniScene NZQN addon (I removed it to test, and the problem was still there). I have not installed the Asobo NZQN from the marketplace. Is this the sort of thing to raise with the zendesk?

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For questions like, “Is anyone else having this problem?”, we ask that people use Community Support instead of General Discussion.

A quick search yielded this thread. Is this the same error you are seeing?

Yes, thanks. I found the solution (uninstall NZ Mesh until it is fixed)

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Hi PlaneFurball797 thanks for mentioning this… Which NZ Mesh did you uninstall? I’m new to MSFS 2020’s version so I’ve downloaded a bit of stuff since. I don’t have ORBX… are you meaning NZ Mesh from somewhere else please? Rather annoying for NZQN 23 Approach, especially since I use Fenix a320 and have the RNAV approach addons installed from somewhere else. I was wondering if ORBX’s 10m DEM would fix it hmm.

Oh, I did install ORBX NZ Mesh from MSFS content store, can’t see how much it was, quick question… If I uninstall it can I re-install later since I “own” it? Might just wait, wouldn’t think to uninstall it just for R23 Approach.

Yes, as long as an “owned” product is available from the in-game Marketplace, you can (delete and) re-download and re-install it as often as you like.

Alternatively (unless you’re on Xbox), you might be able to temporarily disable the add-on if you’re comfortable editing xml files by changing the “active” flag for the add-on to “false” in content.xml. (I’m not sure whether mesh from the Marketplace gets an entry in content.xml, you’d have to check. It works for airport sceneries and landmarks, but my non-Marketplace mesh doesn’t show up in the file. For SOME reason.)