Terrain Bumps Everywhere!

There I was with a nice flight into Laguardia, everything was going perfectly, the approach was lined up, smooth touchdown, then suddenly before my nose wheel even hits the ground the wrath of the terrain bumps strikes again and made me instantly crash into the ground due to an unlevel runway surface. These bumps have been throughout the world and are very annoying when trying to fly to these popular airports. Hope there will be fixes for this soon! Cheers!

Gonna try to post a gif in a reply since I can’t post it here. Update: Can’t post a photo, sorry. If anyone knows another way I could show the proof please let me know.

Disclaimer: I’m sure there are plenty of bugs out there that need to be fixed, and I’m being patient for patches. Just wanted to ensure that they were aware of this one so they could add it to the list.