"Terrain emits light" seems to be back

Approaching OSDI, after 02/16 update. I don’t fly much at night, but it’s been a long time since the last time I saw something like this. No scenery or lighting mods, just two airplanes in community folder. Could be something specific to this location ( pretty desertic zone), other cities are fine.

Not sure it ever really went away. Last week I made several flights over West and North Africa - lots of desert areas as you say - and it was all like that. It looks horrible.

Night lighting in general is still not very good. Far distance is okay, and very close is good (when you can actually see the individual building lights) … but anything in between, well just a handful of light strings across a glowing light brown terrain - it’s just nasty.

I think it’s still in the ‘ongoing improvements’ category on Asobo’s list. So here’s hoping…


I wouldn’t have thought it went away. Lessened maybe. I imagine having a whole cities lights lighting up the entire city area is a bit expensive on a common PC so they need a workaround.

It isn’t perfect but fortunately for me it doesn’t bother me. The only time I really notice some of these things is if I want to pick them apart. I don’t notice if I focus on the flying instead.

It never went away. It’s how city lighting is approximated at low LOD.

Really frustrating.

I gave up on night flying for now (sadly)

Just approached LGAV and can confirm that the city looks horrible. Everything seems to be emitting light. Please fix (again).

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