Terrain LOD and Texture Quality Appear Tied Together

It appears that the terrain LOD setting and the texture quality setting are messing about with each other. I’ll just state off the bat that I am no graphics wizard and I appreciate that the hq texture may be attached to the hq LOD but thats about as far as I can go with my knowledge!

With that said, I have to crank the terrain LOD up to 200 to really see the good textures, and this hurts my FPS, from what I’ve seen playing about with the setting the terrain LOD is one of the most if not the most demanding on performance, I have a card with 11GB VRAM I can handle the textures!

Could we get higher quality textures on the lower terrain LOD settings too please!

I’ve done a bit more playing with this and it’s really weird!

Terrain LOD 10 : Textures Ultra looks awful!
Terrain LOD 200 : Textures Low looks way better than the above.

Is this working as intended?


Something looks a little off in the settings!

I think a compromise needs to made in that I can handle the lower terrain detail and still have my nice shiny textures with all that comes with them (the detail maps etc). I’ve also noticed while using dev mode console, as soon as my PC ram (GPU ram doesnt seem to be an issue) hits around the 10/12GB mark, which can be smashed through by cranking up the terrain LOD, the sim really starts to slow, I can imagine thats a huge amount of data to chew through, the difference in ram usage is huge from 0 to 200 a good few GB at least. I have 32GB 3000Mhz ram which while not the absolute fastest is pretty quick and quite a lot too, the sim uses up to 20GB ish and anything above 12GB just starts to crawl and degrades from there. Don’t know if any of that is helpful.

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