Terrain LOD vs object LOD vs pop-in in SU5

I think terrain lod is the main one, With the increased performance from this update you should really set it to 200.

I’m actually not too sure about Building lod, I think it controls the LOD switching range of buildings though I don’t think it’s that simple and is interrelated to the terrain lod setting. Try setting it to 200 too for good measure.

Also you can go into your user.cfg file found under c:\users\your username\appdata\roaming\Microsoft flight simulator. You’ll need to show hidden folders to get to see the appdata folder.
You can set terrain Lod higher by increasing above 2.0.

Be aware though pushing above 200 (2.0) LOD will take back a lot of the performance gains you got from the update.

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Thanks for info…yes i am hoping to regain a bit in term of scenery issues mentioned…but without losing all the performance gained from SU5… i shall try setting to 200 for both as a start then.

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It’s a little overblown in the forums at the moment.

It’s really not changed from SU4 when the servers are playing ball, but you’ll notice the trees draw out much further which massively improves look.

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LOD or “level of detail” is a setting that dictates how much detail will be shown.

In MSFS you have a ring around you where detail is loaded and this is visible by looking towards the horizon, at some point it won’t render anything. This is more or less obvious on most systems and is dictated by the LOD setting.

There is also “culling” this is to remove objects from being rendered when not in view. This has changed with SU5 and is more obvious when looking around quickly. This is not adjustable and depending on your system is more or less noticeable.

Even at relatively low altitudes, the ground textures look disgusting right now. Recorded at Ultra settings except for disabled Motion Blur and Bloom


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So increasing both LOD sliders in setting will increase the coverage areas where details such as buildings and trees will be loaded?

why not just experiment yourself, the change is asap visible, if there is any change.
you need to tryout both over cities and forested land.

There is a great video with the time stamps about what each part of the settings does.


In the video above I used LOD 200 (2.000000 in usercfg) and tried 4.000000 but it didn’t give any results. Subjectively, it is getting better, but still not the same as it was before the update.

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I put a short video in my post on the other topic, showing building pop in on both LOD 100 and LOD 200. In my experience LOD 200 can sometimes look worse as it is popping in objects further away, but more of them. As discussed on my post there is also a similar but different issue of nearby buildings/trees “upgrading” themselves from lower quality models to higher quality models when you move your head (not shown in the video).

Increase the LOD textures to 400 and you will have the same textures we had before the patch :wink:

But i guess that mean losing all the performance gained in SU5 as well ya e.g. the occassional stutters and poor fps + stutter in big city? I am experiencing with 200 in different landscapes for now… i dont have a powerful computer but a 4 year old i7-7700k @4.2. Gtx 1080.

With LOD in 400 you loose around 10fps, which is to be expected, but no stutters and graphics look as great as before.

You will not get both amazing fps and amazing graphics, you need to find a balance suitable for you.

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This is unfortunately not correct. As per my long reply to you on the other topic linked above, previously there was only pop in on moving the aircraft - Now there is pop in on moving the aircraft or moving the head.

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LOD 300
Sharping in sim cfg ON
NVIDIAsharping 0.5 /0.17

Grate results for me also on high altitude

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Yeah but in exchange you got 40 fps as I just replied to you. That is a legitimate complaint but just an opinion, in my case for example I don’t radically move my head around while flying and with track ir I don’t notice the pop-in.

I have seen this around, it seems to give great results, but I don’t know what it does exactly

So where can i find these? In cfg file and Graphic card settings i supposed…

Sharping in sim cfg ON
NVIDIAsharping 0.5 /0.17

Let’s be clear it is not when “radically moving the head”, it is when looking out the window to make a base turn. But I understand everyone is different so let’s agree to disagree !

That does not happen to me, when moving my head normally I experience no pop-in, might be related to each persons PC, but it is definitely an issue for those of you who experience it indeed.