Terrain LOD - What had Asobo done with it in the latest SU?

It’s useless to hide the results. We’ve all Seen them in practice…

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Let’s all hope the eventual move to an optimised Direct X12 fixes these issues. I don’t expect that to happen with SU10, but maybe by SU16 or thereabouts DirectX12 cpu optimisations will be in effect and DLSS will be working well…

I think the problem is that we as users can’t accept turning down settings. If they have the options ULTRA all of us users want to use that setting even if we know that we not have hardware for it. If we compare this sim performance to what we had in FSX. How is the performance compared to that sim? I have all my settings on ultra. How many years did we need to wait to have that before we had hardware to use all of the settings at ultra in FSX? I think i waited almost 10 years to be able to run the sim smooth in 20fps. This sim i cloud run smooth in 30fps right after release.

Its not right to compare a new product to a 15 year old product… As well DX11 is a 13 year old technology. Its the job of the developers to develop a product that can utilize the current hardware efficiently.


Yea i know that but i needed to wait more than 10 years to run that smooth. That was unoptimized.

I agree in principle, but the problem here is that we are having to run the sim at lower settings and with less pleasing graphics than we did on release. Just the same as how the weather isn’t as good. It’s kind of sickening when you know how good it used to be and now the draw distances are much worse because the nerfed and the distances anyway and then on top of that people are having to turn down their settings compared to what they used to have because performance is worse now. It just makes me angry because I used to love flying on the sim so much and spent a lot of money on hardware and software to enjoy it and now it is not as enjoyable as it once was. It’s kind of upsetting.


Dont forgot FSX development stopped shortly after its released… it saw maybe 1 or 2 small updates.

Yeah i know it did. But this sim had both better graphics and was good optimized right at release. We begged them anyway to optimize it. After they did we complained the graphics were worse and blamed everything on xbox release.

So why put Always ultra options in choice if it’s to do compromise everytime with tlod , ai traffic , Real weather … Véhicules… GPU … CPU …

Let’s make a game simple, without any options , ready to play , maybe with lower quality settings but with full options usable with no stutters and that’s all !!!

We Always have to sacrify some settings… That’s the story of flight simulator that i wanted to get trid off with Xbox !!!

That’s why i came back to flight simulator.

At final completely useless… .

I am really tired of that

My point is, with our current hardware’s this title can run twice better than how it is running currently. All we need is the right software to utilize it right. I believe we’ll get there slowly…

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I agree it did but we as users still wanted better performance at release. We always want to have that. We also always want to have better graphics. If we want better performance graphics needs to be sacrificed and if we want better graphics performance need to be sacrificed. I can’t compare what we have now with the release version but weather i totally agree with you. Thats was downgraded when they changed to METAR weather that made them completely change the weather rendering. That was also a thing users wanted.

I guess users wanted the METAR system combined into the current live weather with seamless transitions. And we all know it can be done as we seen 3rd parties doing just that in other sims.

Yes, users wanted that for sure. As users wanted increased performance without decreasing graphics.

Well, i also wants better graphics and performance. But i know that i had the most smooth experience ever when i bought this sim. I could run it smooth with low settings on my old pc where i only got like 20FPS on p3d and xplane.

I suggest you read up about the hardware of the Xboxes. You will then simply understand that, as always in a flight simulator you have to decide what to spend your CPU/GPU cycles on.

You want the best weather, up those sliders!
You want the best cities, up those sliders!
You want the best airports, up those sliders!
You want it all, find a balance.

This is where you are correct about people wanting ultra settings. There was no problem with performance on release of the sim. It was just people running inappropriate settings or being new to flight sims and expecting very high FPS which is not needed.

If people wanted more performance they should have turned down their settings, Asobo should have left it to the user to decide the graphics v performance ratio. Instead they nerfed the graphics for everybody. So what used to be ULTRA wasn’t as good as it used to be. This mean those who had good enough hardware to run ULTRA at good FPS just ended up with worse graphics and too many frames that they didn’t need. It wasn’t fair to reduce everyone’s graphics quality like that.

Of course, some people were tricked into thinking it was good, because they were like, oh the performance is better I can run at ULTRA instead of HIGH now. This was incorrect, it was just that ULTRA wasn’t as detailed as it used to be and they were running at basically the old HIGH anyway.

It was unfair to reduce the graphics of those who had spent on top end machines.

Of course, this also coincided with SU5 when they reduced the graphics so the sim could run on Xbox. It was such a shame, and the start of the real downhill of this sim.

Sadly, since then, many further degradations have occurred, with the weather as you are very much aware, and also with performance, especially since the latest SU9, and now people are also getting performance degradations during the course of a flight.

I can finish a flight at an airport with 27 frames. Then go to the menu and load back in at the same time with same weather in the same exact location and get 45 FPS. Where have those almost 20 frames gone, that turned my sim from smooth to not particularly enjoyable for me?

It’s just a mess what they have done to the sim.


But again, the current hardware is not being utilized efficiently. If a modern CPU and GPU were 100% utilized then i would say find balance. But the truth is they are 50% utilized in average.

You can tune it to utilize everything. You can’t tune it to use more than 100% on you mainthread though. That thread is used alot and will always be the main used thread.

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That’s the thing. 1 core is fully utilized while the others are about 20% to 30% utilized. Must be better tools today…

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I agree it would be awesome if all cores could be used equally right? But thats not how it works. I’m not an expert but dx12 should do that better but not perfect. I tested dx12 and got worse performance than with 11. And everybody said as soon as dx12 is in the sim we get much better performance.

What i’m saying is that begging for performance increase could lead to graphics downgrades and begging for graphics increase could lead to worse performance.

Thats because its a very early implementation of DX12. Its almost nothing but a visual option you can select.

Kinda like the DX10 mode we had in FSX