Terrain mesh addons

What is the default terrain mesh value 10 or higher ?.
Is it worth buying 3rd party mesh ?

Mesh and mask are different things

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Yes mesh and mask are very different things
Seems MSFS mesh is 30m. I have bought a 10m mesh for Scotland but am not seeing a noticeable difference even when I raise the terrain LOD setting to 200+.

You can try quality free ones and do a comparison. Orbx offers for free a quality mesh for Iceland, which is a really good test as it’s mostly varied terrain for the majority of the island. You just need an Orbx Central account and use their client software.

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Have you actually compared that? The best way to do so is to make some saves and compare screenshots. If they look the same I am sure you can ask your money back. The sim settings should not matter (and can even hurt) unless the product manual instructs you to do so. DLC that ask you to change the sim should have VERY good reasons to do so.

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