Terrain Spike near Bern (LSZB), Switzerland

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Approaching Bern from the Frieberg waypoint a small terrain spike was encountered. The spike grew to quite a size as I got closer then disappeared. I executed a missed approach and as I turned back toward the ILS intersecting point the spike reappeared.

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I saw this last night in the distance whilst flying to the East of the spike.

Now they appear again since WU10

Hello @Chumley2516 , @OneFang666, @Simu7454 , I know this is an older post. Are you still seeing these spikes? If so, could you kindly open up developer mode and go to Debug > Show position and get an approximate position for where these spikes are?
Thank you.

Just checked and didnt see any spikes

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Thank you! I’ll wait a few days and close this out if I don’t hear from the others.