Terrain texture loading bug

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Terrain textures change with no reason, going from one type to another and creating a weird effect. In the provided video below you can see some brown textures around Le Castellet airport pop up and replace the normal green ones, present at the beginning. In the video the brown textures seems to pop up with LOD increasing, but I have seen some texture change even a few meters under my hood during approach, so the bug is not always LOD related.

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The issue has been tested and reproduced in VR mode, no data available for 2D mode (to be verified if present in both modes). From the terrain map load a flight with a GA airplane over Le Castellet airport, take-off and fly around it looking at terrain textures. The issue is clearly visible. Every other map area is affected, but the issue is more or less visible according to the site of the map. At Le Castellet it’s clearly visible.

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Ryzen 5800X, 32GB DDR4, RTX 3080TI, Hp reverb G2 for VR

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same here, we just flew near LOWI and not only do they change (a bug that i encountered since SU5 or so) but at very low hight the terrain disappears entirely:

can confirm, this happens at so many places, completely ruining every approach.
Example around MMMY, but happens at LOT of other places too:

Around OR23:


Following the upgrade to SU 12, I’m struggling with this problem without finding any solution. After the SU 12 installed as recommended, everything is OK except a display of ground textures in the form of darker or lighter squares as the plane moves forward. with an altitude between 500 and 800 feet AGL…

In DX12 or 11, cache on or off, community empty or not, low or high settings, nothing changes, I tried all resolutions, nothing to do… NVIDIA drivers up to date Windows 10 22H2 up to date, never any problem before…

here is a video of the problem


Photo scenery has always been made up of these “squares” known as tiles.
Sometimes the images were taken at different times so the images don’t nicely blend from one to the next. If however this is a new issue in an area that previously didn’t have the issue, you could delete your rolling cache, and then re-create it again. This will flush out any old data that was stored in the cache previously.

Hope it helps.

unfortunately it is already done but it does not change anything…
thank you for your answer…

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Same problem here! Game-breaking issue (all around the world) which was introduced with SU12!

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Yes, see it as well in some areas. Other areas there’s no problem. Still trying to pinpoint whether it’s location dependent.

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This issue is independent of SU12 release as it appeared after AAU1 update. And it’s spreading to many areas. The whole of Croatia is ruined like that for example.

We have been reporting this serious bug here.


Haven’t the World Updates been updated? This could be a possible cause of this OR probably made it worse!

Its occuring on Xbox and PC in places that never received an update like Albania, Montenegro or Croatia.

The tiles are fed (streamed to the pc) from the severs (and cached in the rolling cache). It maybe that they are in the middle of updating the tiles in the Azure CDN, but I wouldn’t have thought it would take this long.

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Yes it’s happening for months now and getting worse (more areas affected).


It wasn’t. It has been a thing for a loooong time. Mostly doesn’t happen for me now. Used to happen at some airports as well. I can’t remember what I did to fix it (if anything). Seems people get the problem at different times and now you’re seeing it. Definitely not a new thing.


This is not a minor issue! The game already looks bad on SeriesX! We have morphing mountains, popping scenery, washed out terrain… Now it’s almost unplayable!


Hi guys,

I have reported this directly to Asobo deve team few days a goo, as I’m sure this can be fixed on texture level to blend those in as I know this can be done as I work with textures as I used to develop them for some games projects and lots of times it can be fixed the down side is you need dedicated one or two people to get this done or even a team of 3-4 people to just zoom in to the fixing terrain issue.

Also see my post on it we’re I also show a quote noticing differences in terrain and anyone can see it, this is indeed an immersion braking issue and really would appreciate if Asobo team could look In to this not all at once but on most popular places counties and Portugal is one of them as it has quite lot places like this and my opinion on that is fix by just adopting new textures /photogrammetry to all south to north of Portugal then US some of places could be fixed by blending reworking textures at joints to make them look more natural fortunately there is lots of tools and applications can be used to get them done.

Thanks guys


And guys most importantly don’t blame Asobo or their team! They doing their best and they doing it for all of us so think wise prior comment we must help not bombard and overwhelm the team! They have priorities and work to be done so they get to this if not already to this issues.


I would agree, slow and low VFR flights are unplayable in areas affected by this problem.

@ChaiManNova Did you receive any answer from Asobo? It seems like a Bing maps texture mismatch problem. I hope it can be corrected.

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Photoscenery can’t be 100% accurate, the review of the entire planet is impossible.
Different colors in tiles or clouds un the ground will be always present.

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I noticed this issue flying this week in northern New Mexico along the Rio Grande. Very distinct border between light brown and dark brown tiles with straight line jagged borders.

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