Terrain textures quality worse than ever on XBOX Series X

bro dont tell me things like that. everyone is hyped for wasm but after reading through the beta issues people are reporting it seems the update is going to be really bad


Sadly Its very clear that Asobo know the issue but they are not giving importance.
I really suggest Microsoft and Asobo to worry about it because many of the sells in the next gen Xbox were in the back of this title.
It seems they are don’t worrying enough in one of the most important revenue source of their company.


Maybe, hopefully, this is just something that is beta specific!
You beta boys maybe on another server just for the beta and it cant really keep up!?
We will know on tuesday…

For us non beta the photogrammetry and draw distance is fantastic lately!
So I need to enjoy it now before it all goes to…

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For info, they’ve already told us it’s the same server beta or otherwise

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My graphics are fine, I read this post and took a 60 sec video last night. Cessna 337 Skymaster Flying Over the Adelaide Hills. - YouTube

that was the problem w/ SU11. Ppl pointed stuff out and they did not do anything and released SU11 with all the terrible degradation on xbox.

Then we had a long thread and it took them months(??) to fix it. The whole process sucked and I don’t want to go thru that again. If it happens Ill just consider uninstalling the game and reinstall whenever its fixed like months later.

Too bad there is no way to decline the update. I uninstalled the beta on Xbox and opted out of the beta and the game looks fantastic right now. I dont know if that will be the case when they release SU12.


Was something released today on xbox? I got some auto update.

Whatever it was it is causing me a lot of stuttering when flying. No CTD yet though.

Also my basic test in Chicago is giving me problems where landmarks are disappearing when not in view and then back in view.

I uninstalled the Beta on xbox so it would not do this but looks like it’s back.

Sim update 12 was released.

Asobo rolled out beta as the SU12 release. Same problems as in the beta.

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Ah that explains it then!

Ya it’s totally broken again.

Who’s going to start another 2000 page thread with evidence that will take them 2 months to fix on xbox?

@AerMingus - time for you to roll out another massive Xbox Degradation thread buddy


I don’t have time to check this update due to work. Is it really this bad? Are we back to SU11 ugly graphics on Xbox?

My general impression: the low res ground textures were sort of permanent in SU11.

In SU12 the same low res ground textures do occationally appear, but more sporadic. And once you get (alot) closer then the hi res textures load. If i remember correctly it was possible to land on the low res textures in SU11.

So I’d describe is as related, but not at all as bad as in SU11.

On another note. Due to the low res bug in SU11, that version decreased my CTD frequency by 90% on XboxX. The textures put alot less strain on the system. So I was more happy about being able to fly for more than 10 Mins w/o CTD than the low res textures bothered me.


It’s not just the terrain textures, but everything in general look blurry on the Xbox. :rage:


Maybe its time for me to get glasses.
I’ll go have another look at it.

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i cant take it anymore bros. i am at the point where i am considering selling my motorcycle and building a high end pc including an overpriced nvidia graphics card :unamused:


Does this look ugly to you?

Just for reference this was the SU12 beta, but seen as there was no update to beta users in official release yesterday I would say all looks good to me.

I know we had that issue that people were testing a while back with drone cam and staying in one spot and the higher you got the terrain would look worse, but personally that’s a non issue, and I have found graphics stunning while testing the beta.
Some areas are always better than others, but thats just depends on world update quality and if an area has had a world update or not.


In the earlier versions of sim update 12 terrain textures were top notch on the Xbox. People had nothing but good things to say about it here on the forums.

Noticed graphics downgrade again in last couple days for xbox series x… servers taking a hit possibly or code change? Feels like the 40th Anniversary update release all over again… blurred ground/buildings, pop-in textures, lowered draw distance and no performance gain :frowning:


trees are just boxes and airports are purple. Idk if that’s a visual downgrade or just a slap in the face.

My ignorance thought they would enable FSR2.0 for us this year… but every update we go backwards.

What was the beta when they added the new VFR map? That one looked really good. I want that back…


Yeah but it’s not bad and blurry for everyone right, so to say it’s broken and bad on Xbox is wrong, it’s broken and bad for some and not for others. Still looks awesome on mine and I can count the number of CTDs on one hand so there has to be a reason why it runs well for some and not for others.