Terrainy RV8 Improvement Project?

Hi all,

I’m a real life RV8 owner, and I’ve been very disappointed with the Terrainy RV8. I’m wondering if it’s possible to improve it’s flight characteristics, the way some other modules have been improved. Unfortunately it seems this module has been abandoned by the dev.

The issues I see are as follows:

-Cruise and climb rate are far too low
-Really needs a constant speed prop
-Really needs a gauge overhaul, preferably a single screen MFD like the husky or the SubSonex

Is it legal to modify and distribute these mods for 3rd party a/c? I’m not talking about distributing the whole module, I’m talking just publishing the required changes and specific files to make them work.

If this is possible, I’d be looking for anyone with the skills and experience to make these changes to help me. I’d be willing to purchase the module for you if you don’t already have it.

Hi there,
The way to modify an aircraft is through the SDK, so I moved your post to the SDK subcategory. If you do not hear many answers here, you may want to visit devsupport.flightsimulator.com. They have separate forums and tutorials over there.

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