Terrible FPS issues after an hour inflight?

Flying the TBM at FL26 everything was great - 50-60+ FPS and sim was responsive. An hour into the flight everything got real choppy looking around, brought up the FPS counter and it was 5-6 FPS. Pop into the menu back to normal, jump back in the plane 5 FPS and stuttering. I keep trying to say maybe this patch isn’t so bad, and I can play through it but I’m not so sure now. I did this same route before without any issues in the past. Everything is stock with the sim, but i did have Little Navmap plotting my course in the background. Does that have any known issues? Might test without that on, but really don’t feel like wasting another hour with this #@$! patch. Anyone else seeing this?

UPDATE: Maybe it’s not just me people are reporting the FPS drop on Steam too…

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Try to repeat this issue and make good notes of what happens just before and after the event. Once you eliminate things like user error (not likely) and personal computer issues, submit a report to zendesk. detailed reports will help get these types of issues corrected.

I wasn’t actually doing anything, I was on AP/NAV and stepped away from the computer. I’m done putting in Zendesk tickets, what does it matter when Asucko can’t even patch their product? I’ve already wasted time sending in videos for a keybinding bug and heard back zip. I’m just going back to DCS and FSX for now, see what happens with this sim over the next couple months. (sorry, not venting at you)

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Hey @FlippinFlow , I found out that by disabling your VFR map in-game increases your FPS not only to their original state, but increases FPS :wink:

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Interesting @Blitz2767 . But how do I disable it? I didn’t even have it open or use it when the performance drop occurred.

Click the link I gave you to my post, I provided an image on where you can disable it.

Should be in the drop-down menu when flying

Ah gotcha… Thanks! I’ll give it a shot. Every time I want to quit this game. Ha! I really do like it, but man it’s frustrating right now with these work arounds and hacks. I thought FSX was temperamental.


Same thing just happened to me, and I have no idea why. It is a 1,5 hour flight, everything was OK in the first hour, then suddenly, FPS dropped to 5. I was flying on an ocean, and this was like the 6th time I was flying the same route. This was never happened before… Could not find the reason nor a solution

I do not run any other software on background, just MSFS. After it happened, I have checked the task manager, I have seen that my GPU was running only 40%. I found it quite strange considering the fact that even in main menu, it uses 100%

Will try this tomorrow! Thanks!

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I had the same issue yesterday with the same plane, FPS drops after 45 min in the flight to 5… :sweat_smile:

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Same issue here since last update, everything was great before the update! Now after an hour flight the fps goes down to 10 fps then 5 fps. Unplayable!

I7 9700k, 2070 super, 32gb

happened to me today flying into Atlanta…6 fps. Never happened before. I’m going to try Atlanta again tomorrow to see if it has to do with the airport.

I had similar issues, try increase your page file to a large size, even if you have 32GB of ram it will still probably help, I’m currently using 30GB with 16GB of RAM and have no issue with long flights.

That’s interesting! Is this the case even if I never use the VFR map? Is it eating resources by just being available at the top menu?

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yup, even when you have it disabled, it gives you a 10-15 frame drop and enables the Coherent FPS drop to 7-10FPS

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Holy… this is huge! I’d never figure this out since I never open the map. Thank you, can’t wait to get home and try. :pray:t2:

edit. unfortunately that didn’t make any difference for me but I’m happy that it helped others. Cheers!

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Yes same for me