Terrible lag with MSFS application when switching out of VR

Hi, I have a fairly mid-spec PC (2070 Super / Ryzen 3900X) from a VR perspective, and recently bnought a Reverb G2 to give it a try. Reasonably pleased with VR performance, though it’s a shame I have to compromise on graphical fidelity so much to get a decent performance in VR vs desktop.

One specific issue I’m having though, is that when I flip back from VR mode to desktop, MSFS menus etc are terribly laggy. When moving the mouse around and clicking options on the desktop, it’s really really poor how slow the application is to respond.

Anyone else experienced this?

Also, is there a way to stop the VR view being displayed on my desktop monitor at the same time? I’m concerned this may be having an impact on performance…

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I have pretty much the same rig config and can confirm the FS becoming extremely laggy after exiting out of VR. In fact, when switching over to set up a new flight, I now close WMR VR altogether and restart it when back in the cockpit.

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I have a similar laggy menu problem since the last update, but only randomly and it happens IN VR - switch g back to desktop fixes it. Only restart the game fixes it for VR once it occurs. Really annoying

In my experience this is because the WMR portal is running in the background after you close VR — that takes a lot of gpu resources and causes your FPS to drop significantly. If you close WMR portal it should come back to life.

I have a ticket open with Asobo on this issue, you’re not alone!

Everyone should have a ticket open

Submit a request – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com)

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