Terrible Performance on a "High End" System

Just got FS2020 a few days ago over the game pass.
Pretty much only played Xplane-11 so far with my thrustmaster gear.

I get really really bad performance on my system for some reason.
Running on a fresh windows install btw.

Sys. Specs:

Rtx 3090ti
Ryzen 5900X (no OC ) / (Just PBO)
64GB Corsair Vengeance RGB 3600 Mhz
2TB Samsung M2 SSD
OS is Windows 11

For some odd reason, I max out my FPS at like 19 on the ground.

And thats with the Terrain/Object details already turned down half way.
Res. Scale is at 200%, changing that doesn’t impact performance tho, since my RTX is at like
45-55% usage only anyway.

Any idea why my system (fresh install) is so ■■■■ performance wise? Temps of GPU and CPU are in the 60-75 degree C range…



Your monitor size? If it’s only 1080p then create a custom 4k desktop in NVCP and enable image scaling in 3D global settings.

I’m playing on a 2560x1440P 165Hz Monitor.
But even then, wouldnt my image just become better, but the framerate stay the same?

You need to make the 3090 work harder because it’s bottlenecking the cpu.
That means ultra graphics and more pixels. T-LOD and traffic you should turn down

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There are many performance-hogging bugs in the live version of the game. Many of us are finding the SU10 beta improving performance by quite a bit.

Well that doesnt resolve the bottleneck tho, does it?! Or am I lost?
I’m only adding GPU Load by that which doesnt decrease the CPU load. Unless I crank the settings up so high, the GPU becomes the bottleneck eventually.

GPU limited is what you actually want. Read my edit above about TLOD and traffic. Alternatively get a 2nd screen or a 4k VR headset.

Well I think we are talking about 2 different things here…

If my GPU sits at 50% load the CPU is bottlenecking the GPU not the other way around…
So by turning up graphics Im just gonna make the game look better, but not the FPS go up, since the CPU is still bottlenecking me to the ~20 FPS.

That’s just semantics, it’s the cpu bottlenecking your system not the gpu. It’s because the gpu is so powerful it always has to wait for the cpu … and the more you can do to mitigate this the better your performance will be which is why you need a bigger output be it a full sized monitor, higher resolution or whatever. Maybe you should just try a 4k custom desktop for yourself.


Make no sense to me at all … its all “relative” … either CPU or GPU will be the Bottleneck, but is both are running fast, and doing the best they can do in combination, Its only the one causing the Bottleneck that matters,

GPU caused bottlenecks don’t really happen, just the normal heat constraints. If the gpu is running at 100% kicking out X amount of unfettered fps then that is all it can do at those settings. Under this scenario the only way to increase fps would be by lowering quality settings: Conversely increasing quality settings would usually see a drop in fps … Of course overclocks can raise thresholds but usually at the expense of stability.

it’s like driving a really fast sports car, but you’re stuck in gridlock on the freeway. You might have a car that can drive at high rate of speeds, but it’s only gonna go as fast as the traffic around you (at least when you’re driving responsibly).

Only it’s your GPU and CPU respectively. Your GPU can only render as fast as the CPU can process

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200 ? … thats still Ultra…

tLOD is the most important setting to reduce the current CPU one-core-“problem”.

The other factor may be PG … do some test with disabled PG.

PS: 3090ti… buy a 4K monitor if your invest should make a little bit sense :wink:

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