Terrible stutters and sim freezes since updating to SU13

FSLTL traffic is way, way better than the default traffic.

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I’m experiencing severe fps loss out of nowhere, and i really mean like out of the blue

i may get 60 fps while at KLAX and then suddenly while cruising in clear sky fps drop to 30 for 5/10 minutes and then back (maybe while over san francisco)

i can’t really understand what’s happening

system is 4070ti, ryzen 5 7600x, fsltl on (removing it, resetting it makes no difference so it seems it’s not the culprit)


well I’m joining the mystery here… most of the flights I had with SU13 were smooth and with very good FPS , I’m usually in 40-50 range when not in the extreme dense areas.
So for the last two days now, doing some longer 2-3 hours flights ( TBM, FL 270-300 ) , at somepoint I get huge huge freezes, and they don’t really go away. Looking in the windows “resources monitor” I see some disk activity with reloading of basic textures ,addons but not always. Something is running out of resources and swapping them like crazy… not sure. I get a few seconds of smooth FPS but if I try to pan I get severe freezes. And it’s been going in a very inconsistent way. Also checked internet activity, not much there… around 1Mb , I don’t see excessive download of data.

Anyways, still in flight as I typing this, disabled PG and that didn’t matter but now been flying for a few minutes without ROLLING CACHE… mmm to early to judge but seems smooth so far!.. just for the record, I never ever had to disable it … oddities indeed

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How is the terrain visual without rolling cache??

I didn’t encounter any special issues… but since then, I’ve enrolled the SU14 Beta and I’m in the process of trying again using the rolling cache. So far it’s works fine, but then I’m far from consuming enough data perhaps to reach a pruning stage. I’m using around 40GB cache file and the downloads atm are less than 10GB…

are you still PG off?
man, I’m getting really big stuttering’s on final approach, it’s horrendous.

Also be sure to clean up the DirectX shader cache with the Disk Cleanup tool. Search for Disk Cleanup on your pc, select the drive where your Windows install is, select Direct X Shader cache and hit OK.

I’m with PG but rolling cache still off. I’m however on su14 beta now and it’s not smooth as su13 was for me. But as a beta it could be due to some debugging code there.

yeah! I did that too lets see…
I don’t understand, everything worked fine on the SU12,
no stuttering, no frozen on start…
SU13 is being a nightmare for me.

Nobody should need to be turning off the rolling cache. If turning it off is fixing something in the sim then something is wrong with how windows is using the drive.

Look at updating the firmware and driver if it’s a pcie drive and the rolling cache causes problems when it hits it.

As for rolling cache issues, I’ve shared my experience during SU13 and that was the first time I ever had direct remedy by turning off the rolling cache. Something I haven’t done before other than precautionary cache clean ups. I’m very familiar with the gears “behind the scenes”… developing high performance software for 30 years so rest assured, local I/O issues are well diagnosed. Software is complex, this heavy stutter may or may not be directly related to the rolling cache, but sometimes underlaying bugs are being cascaded to another layer or being hidden due to a feature being used or not.
Anyways, I’m on SU14 beta now with it’s own issues, so rolling cache behavior will is being tested there too.