Terrible VR performance with top end Ryzen / 3080 system

I got a Valve Index paired with a 5950x and a RTX 3080. I confirm my performances are very bad. fpsVR says my FPS is ± 40…

The Reverb G2 has been order and should arrive anytime soon but I thing this game that has to be much better optimized for VR.

I haven’t played with Open XR and I am unsure I have to use it for the Index.
I have a steady 65 PFS when playing it on my monitor at ultra setting at 3440x1440.

What FPS do you get with the Index and what are your graphics settings?

Below a screenshot of my current settings providing me 45-60 fps when flying NYC

I’m on a 5Ghz i9 wtih 2080Ti & 32GB RAM. First off, this sim will not run at 90fps/90hz. So if that’s anyone’s goal, forget it. I can manage what the frame counter says is 45fps, but it stutters (and yes, I’ve tried all the known remedies). It is especially bad near the ground, which when taking off/landing is completely immersion breaking. With that said, it can be made to run quite smooth in straight/level flight at altitude as long as you are not doing any heavy maneuvering. So if anyone says they have it working smooth, make sure they are talking about close to the ground and with heavy movement, because that’s where stutters really impact the sense of flight.

To be frank, it really feels almost exactly the same as VR in X-Plane 11 a year ago, which makes me suspect that VR in FS is having the same issues X-Plane was. X-Plane 11.5 only recently managed to produce what I consider acceptable VR performance on my Index after a long beta in which they completely re-wrote their engine to to use Vulkan instead of OpenGL–which permitted them to highly optimize VRAM usage to eliminate most stuttering in VR. If the MS engine is not doing that kind of highly VR-specific optimization, then all bets are off until they do and you’re ultimately just chasing your tail. It is my current understanding that they would need DX12 to do this, and that doesn’t come till next year, so I’m not really expecting that it is even possible for VR to work smooth under all normal flying attitudes in FS for quite some time.

I wonder if, like XPlane and the introduction of Vulkan providing excellent performance results for VR, DX12 will offer similar performance results. It was mentioned that DX12 would be available around the release for XBox. As this is very soon, maybe we will have a better solution before we know it. Fingers crossed.

OK so I picked up a Quest 2 yesterday cause I saw it behind the counter at Best Buy.

The screens on this thing compared to the original HTC Vive are absolutely incredible.

I sent my chip off to AMD so hopefully the one I get back works ok.

I downloaded XPLANE 11 to see if I could read the dashboard with 100% resolution scaling in SteamVR…playing through Virtual Desktop wirelessly at “medium” quality with Virtual Desktop and I could read the dashboard pretty much fine without leaning in. Have to lean over a bit to read the screen on the GPS but not a big deal.

The only thing is it was disconnecting randomly sometimes. It disconnected when I was in straight and level after taking off lol and when it reconnected I was facing the ground and going down fast but managed to recover.

Wow I am impressed with these screens.

Asobo said the DX12 update will bring very little performance improvements. If any.

Just to throw my 2 cents. Running a 5900x with 3080 and quest 2. Following the setup from the previously mentioned thread with vr settings I get around 30-36 fps but with no stutters. It’s a very sensitive interaction between nvidia control panel, windows settings(hags off and game mode), and msfs vr graphics settings. I had the best luck reinstalling after the last big update dropped frames.

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So you can land, take-off, and bank hard with no stutters?

I have a 2080ti and terrible FPS. VR is a waste for me until it’s optimized

I’ve tried all the suggestions. Simply turning my head or moving side to side or front to back, even slowly, gives nothing but stutters. It’s like my head only moves in increments. Nothing of the sort in DCS or IL-2, where movement is smooth.

3080 and Ryzen 3600xt.

Send a screenshot of your vr settings and a screenshot of your nvidia control panel el setup for flight simulator @lynhoffenmeyer

As I asked before, can you land, take-off, and bank hard with no stutters?

Thanks! Here are my settings:

1 2 3 4

Edit - with these settings I can get about 40fps according to the OpenXR overlay. And I’ve tried reprojection but it makes everything all wobbly and weird.

Yes Zero stutters confirmed @Gildahl . Was in a tbm / g58 / b58 / 320 on multiple airports

Also send a pic of your traffic settings. And what is your rolling cache size? @lynhoffenmeyer

Here are traffic settings for VR. Rolling cache is On, and set at 10. For my tests, I load the 152 at some random airport in the middle of nowhere, with broken clouds. If I can’t pan around with my head smoothly with those parameters, I can’t yet categorize this VR implementation as a success. I know my testing is slightly less than scientific, but I know that similar settings net me a good experience in other flight sims.

ok here are the settings that differ between yours and mine @lynhoffenmeyer

nvidia control panel
antialiasing - gamma correction off
low latency mode - on
opengl redering gpu - select your gpu
power management - prefer maximum performance
texture filtering - anisotropic sample optimization - off
texture filtering - quality
vertical sync - use the 3d application setting

openxr dev tools
custom render scale disabled (I would likely keep it at 1:1 and try reducing the render scale in msfs)
motion reprojection - automatic

windows settings
game mode - off
hardware accelerated gpu scheduling - off
variable refresh rate - on

There are some vr settings that will definitely hurt performance that I’ve turned off like ambient occlusion, reflections, contact shadows, and some texture filtering. To me it didn’t make or break the visuals but helped eliminate stutter.

Not sure if it matters, but I have 128gb set for rolling cache. I was testing airports in new regions so I can’t say that it helped reduce stuttering by having data pre-cached, but I’d bet it would help in the future.

See if matching some of these settings helps.

Using nvidia 460.79 with a tuf 3080

Also, I’m using ryzen with auto oc and pbo to help get the most of my cpu as most of us are cpu limited by the nature of the game engine.

Ok, I’ll try these in the morning, and will get back to you. Thanks very much for looking at these.

Edit - no luck :frowning_face: No matter what settings I choose, even lowering render scale down to 60% and changing the especially taxing items like clouds to low and TAA off, I still get the same consistent stutter with any head movement.

Also - can I be sure that my nvidia CP settings are applying? I have Steam MSFS and I chose the executable at SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Chucky\FlightSimulator.exe

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the problem is with WMR OpenXR v105, it is automatically adjusting the resolution based on your VRam and other heuristics. There is little chance it is 100% when you disable OXR Render Scale!

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