Test with RTX3090 and Ryzen 5900x

Hi all,

I just did a test flight with my new system: Youtube Link

I used the A32NX and tried to focus on recording in the Cockpit.

RYZEN 9 - 5900X (Game Mode selected)
NVidia RTX3090 Founders Edition
32 GB DDR4 @3200mhz
4K 40" Screen

For those of you that still try to figure out if an upgrade to this hardware makes sense. Have a look at the Video.

If you like just let me know if you want to see other Tests with this rig.

Best regards

Same fps with same setting (my specs in my profile) with 1080p 240hz screen :woozy_face::rofl:

can you test it in 1080p like me, i have a very strange issue with my 5600x + 3080, i think it might be the cpu issue. please watch my video:

1080p on a 3080? just WHY?

You’re probably only getting like 10-20% GPU utilization. the 3080 was made for 4K, it’ll get to stretch its legs then.

There’s is no hdmi2.1 monitor yet, and there are many to come this year, I’m waiting, want to get a 4K144hz monitor with hdmi2.1 so that both pc and console can benefit.

People still use 1080p?

Very bad FPS results. It is not worth developing a computer. The simulator is not optimized properly. Wasted money to develop a new computer. Very weak FPS values with top hardware …

no, it’s using hardware in a scenario it’s not optimized for.
A ryzen 5900X is a processor that’s great for productivity tasks (rendering, 3D modeling, video editing), there are no games / sims out that utilize all those cores/threads.

An RTX3090 is designed for high resolutions, and is seriously overkill for 1080P.

Build a PC with hardware that fits your usecase.
Sure, the sim can be optimized, but don’t expect any game or sim to fully utilize hardware that was designed for other types of tasks.

I do not agree with you. It would be appropriate to provide a proper frame rate with state of the art hardware. Achieving 20-30 FPS on a $ 2,500 computer is very small, painful … There is still room for improvement …

of course, there’s room for improvement, but again; don’t expect 12 core / 24 thread CPU’s to be fully utilized by any game or sim in the coming 10 years. It’s simply not what those CPU’s were designed for.

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I do, since cant get 2-4K 1ms 240hz yet, at least with reasonable price

Holy ■■■■, that’s a lot of stutters. I have a 10900k + 3090 Asus strix. I will try to make a video comparing to yours. Since I don’t fly in NY and don’t use the A320 don’t know what to expect from my system.

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Nonetheless I had to upgrade my PC. The FPS are not really high, BUT an A320 in New York at night with rain and ultra settings is a absolute worst case scenario.

In most situation I experience very smooth framerates. I´m quite optimistic still that 3rd party developers as like PMDG, Aerosoft,… will be able to develop the Airliner in a more FPS friendly way.

Flying with the Cessna Jet in New York in this scenario give me about 40fps. So quite great for such a simulator.

Of course for now 5900x and RTX3090 might not be the best choice in regards of effiency but I always tend to get the best possible :sweat_smile: It´s my hobby. Others spend thousands of euros/ Dollars for sailing or skiing equipment.


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I´m excited to see your results but expect a major drop with the A320 :wink:

Once AMD figures out how to combine multiple cores into 1 virtual core they will be the king of PC chips for years to come.

Here you go!

I don’t know how to capture video so I used my cel phone. :slight_smile:

good vid man, your cpu as all multicore cpu’s are limited by main thread which hopefully will be fixed soon.
ur having same fps than i do with 1080p and i9-9900k, 1080ti and 32gb of ram :joy:

Which server were you using? Depending on how many multiplayers there are frames go up and down. I just changed to southeast asia from east usa and due to much much less traffic I have now at the cockpit view 43 frames. And please turn off vsync for this benchmark.

I’m curious to know what the GPU temps were during these tests.

STRIX will go to 78C with full fan speed and open tower.