Test with RTX3090 and Ryzen 5900x

Main thing I’m interested in is getting a smooth experience without stutters, not sure this can be achieved yet but hopping a bump from 2700x to 5800x will help.

It can be achieved if you make sure that you are always GPU limited, and never main thread limited. Being main thread limited causes stutters. Therefore decrease your CPU load and increase your GPU load. It’s a fine balance.

I have been just tracking the updates and staying current. Its been quite a ride - it seems that graphics performance (limited as it was by …for e.g. rendering screens in the cockpit/UI in flight) seems to have trended downward.

More stutters with the latest (VR) patch than I have seen thus far. Photogrammetry causes artifacts in areas that don’t have it… (pyramids and spikes), the Rolling Cache stays off, as does live traffic. Running at medium settings on a i7 6 core, 16 GB RAM, GTX 970 ( minimal specs I know) … it was flyable in vfr with the settings I just mentioned in non complex areas.

IFR issues I will leave out for the time being … staying on graphics… the sim is NOT optimized to take advantage of current hardware. That is the reality. I appreciate the complexities involved, believe me I do, but even the rig I mentioned is only 20% utilized when the sim is running. I have memory and cycles and cores to spare.

Watching the Sim boot up along with a process monitoring tool is very instructive. Now that using these tools no longer causes CTD’s I am able to tweak, but have hit the brick of wall of what is currently accessible and possible in the released product.

Any suggestions on which settings are most CPU intensive ?

Glass panel refresh rates and AI traffic (including ground planes etc). Photogrammetry takes a bite out of the CPU as well.

Didn’t think to lower/disable ground traffic only the real world traffic, I’ll try adjusting that.