Testing the Beta with Separate Boot Disks

It would be a GREAT IDEA and very practical if the testers could boot to a test OS disk to do testing and boot back to our NORMAL OS disk for day to day routines. I found that if I signed up as a Beta Tester, I could not boot in my normal disk without having my MSFS load up in the Beta test mode.

It would be nice to be able to be a Beta tester and be able to allow or not allow the beta update on our local disks. Some control at a local level too so that those of us that have multiple boot disks can designate which disk to test on.

You probably have to opt-out of the beta on the test disk before launching the sim on your standard disk.

Exactly, I think that is what I had to do last time, opt in and out, in and out, in and out… sounds simple enough, however, it does take several steps and if forgotten, there ya go… in the beta on the wrong disk.

It appears there are not that many simmers interested in dual boot and Beta testing and keeping the beta on one disk and the base msfs on another boot disk. O well… was just a thought, looks like the only option is to opt in and out on every boot disk swap.

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