Texas Pilots

Howdy folks!

I’m a lover of Aviation but it’s been YEARS since I’ve flown MSFS. I purchased a Series X just for MSFS. Looking forward to flying with new friends. I wanted to check and see if there was a group of Texas folks who are flying together? I follow a few YT channels that I’ll be joining once Xbox releases but wanted to see if anyone around Texas was together. Looking forward to seeing y’all in the skies!

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You know, There’s NOT any Texas groups as far as I can tell. Here we have MILES AND MILES of TEXAS, and we get beat out on replies for Tennessee fliers. How can this be Y’all? We wind up flying with those frozen guys up North of the Texas border. We had TreeTop Airlines and Braniff, and they’re gone too. All we need is some Discord savvy Texas Redneck to form us a group. Shoot, I’d join up! Maybe we can attract and make a few friends along the way. It’s getttin’ really close to the coming on XBOX. Anybody with me? Its a quiet in here as the Wind in Palo Duro Canyon! And I’m just west of Cowtown!
CapnCarl4445 in FS and Discord too!

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Hey Fuzz, Could I please get an invite to the Discord ? I’m in NorthEast Texas. My home field is KTRL but i usually fly out of 76F since I fly late evenings and it’s lined up better with I20.

Fort Worth VFR sim pilot here

Hey Fuzzy, John here, could I get an invite, I fly out of KTPL and KAUS all over Texas. Thanks

Hi Fuzzzy, true Texas here! I fly out of Ellington a lot, almost every evening. Would love to join your discord, can I get an invite?

Over 30 yrs of being a Texan. Over 2k hrs logged and I usually depart from DFW Int before anything.

Add me. See username

Hi Joyless! Great to hear from another Texan! I certainly don’t mind flying out of DFW. I’ve added you as a friend in Xbox, and should be on tonight around 6pm CST. Will you be on?

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I will be on.

For context, I just noticed when loading Steam, it said in the last 2 weeks I have flown 120.8 hours.

So, yeah man, I will be on lol

I didn’t receive a friend request. I was able to send you one but maybe b/c I’m on pc it’s not allowing?

I fly now on series x rather than pc. I don’t use a headset all the time because I use my atmos surround system but can at times.

If i flights from Texas I use Bush or DFW and prefer the air bus A320 which is the mist used in airlines today.

Typical flights are dfw to Orlando or to San fran . Or short low alt housron to dfw.

Can add me on xbox live

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Hi Spazzy - I will look you up on XBOX and add you tonight to my friends list.

I saw the friend request last night on my Xbox, but because MSFS was having issues last night I gave up on playing. It might be working tonight, at least be able to download the update, and hopefully viewing live and online players will be functioning. Also, I can see that you can add friends with MSFS too - but wasn’t functioning last night.

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The onine planes are not showing except those that are in your live friends list or group.

Sorry folks the Discord just never really took off. We could defiantly use this thread to fly together!

Hi Spazzy, I was seeing the same issue again last night. Hope that it gets fixed soon. I should be on again tonight around 6pm CST.

Hi Fuzzy - that’s ok, this seems like a place folks will go to first. Let me know if you have any planned flights coming up.

Feel free to add me on Xbox DefiantPrawn is my GT. My home airport is KCXO Conroe TX. I’m on flight sim often and always looking for people to fly with.

I live close by in the woodlands. I use PC add me to my xbox gamertag THG#8130

I flew from Ellington to Conroe this afternoon in a T-6 to look for you lol. That’s a nice airport, long runway! I’ll add you in Xbox and MSFS.