Texas Pilots

Hi TreborHG30, I’ll add you as well!

I am located at 3R9, Lakeway Texas. Would enjoy sharing TX flights with y’all. Contact me when you and your group conveys next. My name is Mike.

Hey guys. Never tried meeting up before. I fly out of ADS. I would like to be added to this group as well. Let me know what I need to be added.

Hi TIJAC3213 - feel free to add me, I play MSFS on XBOX. I mostly fly out of Ellington (KEFD) on most evenings, feel free to join me. I mainly just fly in and around Houston, but down for anything. What aircraft to you enjoying flying most? I don’t believe there is an official discord for Texas Pilots anymore. Maybe someone could start one up?

Hi Outlaw67195 - Is that Addison near Dallas? I try to get on most evenings and my home airport is Ellington, feel free to add me.

I play flight sim quite a bit when not working. I fly out of New Braunfels (KBAZ). Add me, SHAW1693.

Hi @nexaumbra80 . I don’t get on here very much. But yes, Addison is in fact in Dallas. Most of my flights originate either from Addison or Dallas Love. I will add you for sure, next time I am on.


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Houston/Humble area here. Usually just fly out of KIAH or Hobby HOU. Is there any invites for this area? Since switching over to 2020, I have never done any kind of group fly but would like to. I’m used to the old fashioned server list to where you pick your server and hop on. Been flying solo for over a year now. Also what does everyone use for communication?

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Hi @LucidSleet51720 what is your GT?

I have added everyone I can from this thread.

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I need to fly over Dallas more. I usually don’t bc it’s usually dead but I should be part of the solution by flying there instead of being the problem and flying outside of Tx

Howdy - love in Fort Worth and usually fly our of Meacham or Alliance. Was looking for a Discord server before creating my own. Add me when you get chance please kmillco.

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Hi everyone. I am a noob on Xbox. I have my PPL in real life but haven’t flown in quite some time. Using the sim to get my fix and hopefully get back into it in real life. I fly out of my home base airport KTKI (McKinney). Would love to fly around with some fellow Texans.

I don’t have a headset yet but will look into getting one. Handle is Donkey1521. Feel free to add me as a friend. Hope to see y’all in the skies soon.

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Got my headset situation squared away. Flew in Corpus a few days ago with the F/A-18 and had some fun flying with another pilot downtown doing the same.


Hi Y’all, I’m Joe and I live east of Dallas in Greenville. First time sim really. I’ve done the learning stages and still getting use to the touch and go sequence. I’m also about to start ground school. Very excited to add this experience. I think in FS I’m listed as N42TX. Hope to see y’all around. Also looking for a texas based discord server.

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I don’t know if anyone else checking this lately, but I currently fly out of KCXO irl and would love some people to fly with in sim

Come on in to DISCORD and fly/chat with some fellow Texans!

I also fly out of KCXO IRL. Add me: DefiantPrawn