Texas Props *In Search of Tussac* 05 Mazatlan (Mexican Mountain MADNESS, Mild Version)

Texas Props In Search of Tussac 05 Mazatlan (Mexican Mountain MADNESS, Mild Version)

Apr 29th, 19:00-21:30PM,(GMT-05:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
00:00 UTC

Voice Communications: TexasPropsCrews Discord Server

Server : South-East Asia

Settings : All Players, No Traffic, Live Weather, Live Local time (or 09:00AM Local)

Plane: Cessna 208, Twin Otter, or Kodiak 100 REQUIRED for today!. (Extreme CLIMB and BRAKES needed for today. NO COPTERS!) The idea is to try to constrain the flights to 2.5 hours, as this leg is only 280 NM! Some flights later in the journey will be significantly longer, and we will change prop aircraft accordingly, for visual enjoyment and time management.

Departure Airport : Gen Rafael Buelna International (MMMZ) airport, in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

Welcome to the Texas Props In Search of Tussac Tour.

What is Tussac? Well, if you know don’t tell us, I do NOT want to know. Because the JOURNEY is what we crave. The challenge is what we KNOW. Bring your PASSPORT (We leave the comforts of the U.S. at the very start)! Get your shots done BEFORE we leave, and don’t drink the local water. There is nothing worse than flying with a stomach issue!

We will be flying this tour using whatever international Nav aids are available. In some cases, there may not be many. We will fly each of the routes sequentially, and we WILL eventually “get there”. A few things will be MISSING. There will be NO “follow the magenta line”. And there will be no JETS. Rest assured, this is NOT a short trip. But each leg will expose new places and things. And you will use piloting skills from several different props and flying speeds, from ultralights to KingAirs.

I will publish a set of instructions and navigation frequency/courses that we will follow for the current flight. I don’t want anyone to feel intimated that they don’t know how to fly the instructions. It will be possible to simply follow along and we can help you with the navigation (or you can fly it later, if you miss a flight, and know how to do it. No guarantees that you won’t get LOST).

But flying the World ALONE is just NOT the same as flying with the GROUP. There is also safety in numbers.

Have I roused your curiosity? TUSSAC? What will you see you ask? Well, I can’t begin to tell you. The WORLD is a BIG PLACE! And this is a JOURNEY. Join us, and let’s explore together!