Texture polygon hides new taxiway

I am adding taxiway to a grass airfield based on the video: [016] Creating An Airport - Taxiways and Parking. I have a problem that the taxiway path is not visible due to a neccessary texture polygon (with standard GrassGround02 texture) that is correcting outdated map image. There are in fact two closely overlapping rectangular polygons (visible on the image below): one is removing autogen vegetation, the other is the base map covering texture poly. You can see that the taxiway is shown correctly at the bottom, where the texture polygon is not covering it.

How can I bring the taxiway to front?

My Scenery Editor object list is a bit different than the one in the video (obviously, my one is a newer version): when I added the taxiway points as per the video, it correctly added automatically the connecting taxiway path items, but unlike in the video, these items are not grouped into “TaxiwayPath” and “TaxiwayPoints” group items (see at 1 min in the video). This might not be a problem, just an unexpected difference.


I started now with a brand new airport replacement scenery project with the SDK. I added only one taxiway segment (path), one runway and a texture polygon. The polygon covers both the runway and the taxiway whatever I do.

I reveived a working tip for this problem. Use Apron object instead of Polygon to cover background with texture and also to eliminate autogen objects. This is working perfectly. In fact the Apron object can be controlled much more flexibly than a Polygon. I attach a screenshot with this setting for comparison with the original above.

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How tall is the grass on the apron?

I am not sure I understand your question.

That is not an apron, but a grass field. On the bing map the image is old and there are trees instead of grass. We only use the apron type object to place grass texture to cover the bad map image. In theory we shouls use texture polygons for this, but that is not working correctly together with runways and taxiways as described in my initial note.

So the length of the grass depends on the texture you use with the apron object.

I understand, that’s why I asked. When using a polygon for overriding scenery, the grass on the polygon is pretty long, unsuited for a real grass airport.

I hoped when using an apron, the grass material might be shorter.

Is it the darker, the shorter?