Texture supersampling bugged

Texture supersampling is not working since the latest patch has been released.
Disabled or 8x8 is the same thing, no visual difference and no FPS difference. It’s bugged.
Please fix it.

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Anyone else can confirm this?

As far as I can see I have higher fps numbers after patch 3 and the settings are the same as before… maxed out. I feel graphics have degraded looking at the aircraft and the scenery. Shader cache cleared and so on.

Can you try disabling and enabling texture supersampling in the sim and check if you notice any difference in FPS or graphics quality?


I will try and report back.

Thanks, appreciate it.

Back with news… it seems I am indeed get roughly the same fps and the graphics look also the same. I also see while flying over water the horizontal line (matching water to the horizon) projected or shining through also on Mountains or volcanos on islands in front of the scenery. That is quite funny looking.
Thats also a first after patch number 3.

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This honestly completely kills it for me. This downgrading just buries the sim for me. . Hope console sales make up for lost PC sales, Asobo/MS. Or better not, because you said you would not downgrade. Disgraceful…

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That horizon line has been there for me since before this update.

What are you talking about? Supersampling not working is not a downgrading, it’s a bug and it will be fixed.
Please don’t try to hijack this thread with your conspiracy theories.

So what’s the optimal setting?

According to this graphics settings guide, which was made on August 19, texture supersampling settings are indistinguishable when anisotropic filtering is turned on:

So, no bug, no downgrade.

Is a downgrade I do not understand that people say that everything is the same.

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I just made a post explaining why.

texture supersampling is visible from a distance iirc,

Sorry but I was clearly noticing a difference between OFF and 6x6 with AF 16x before the latest patch, and was also losing a couple FPS with enabled.
The link you posted is an old post from the first MSFS version, they may have improved it with patch 1 and looks like it’s bugged with patch 2, just like AA is bugged also.

It’s a very subtle effect when 16x AF is on, because it’s basically doing the same thing.

I haven’t seen shred of proof that AA is bugged.

just because it is old doesn’t mean i am not keeping an eye out for potential changes, :slight_smile:

Looks like this issue is fixed with this new patch. AA is ok now.