TFFJ-TNCM Taxi Service

Between the setting sun, the rising moon, the night lighting on the island, and one of the best landings I’ve done since I installed the sim, I gotta say, this one was nice!


Waiting patiently for a 3rd part dev to drop TNCM,Good thing there is Airworthy designs and Flytampa working on it.Cannot believe this famous airport wasn’t handcrafted.

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Probably for the better tbh. I think FlyTampa will do the best job and put more detail than Asobo would. Nothing against Asobo but they have a lot going on and FlyTampa is strictly airports.

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The wait may be over soon.

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The only hand-crafted airport I really want to see is my home base of KGSO. The default scenery just doesn’t do it justice when you know all the details that are missing. Not only is there a major FedEx hub, but the HondaJet factory is here too!

Someone will do it via freeware or payware but I doubt your home airport will ever get handcrafted not a popular destination

Shame, too. The HondaJet facility is fantastic and deserves to be represented well.

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Oh well that’s why we have third part devs.

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Ahhhh you’ve inspired me to do a few of those hops myself tomorrow!! If you’re online I’d love to fly with ya: Angernerve in-game.

Thanks, but I prefer offline for now. FS is a way for me to just relax and forget about all the crud I deal with when I’m not flying.

Edit: I can’t believe that cr@p is on the naughty word list…

Ah, a shame but I do understand… maybe one day :slight_smile:

Back in the day, UK 2000 released my ‘home’ airport, Manchester England EGCC.
It was the bees knees, not least because when landing, you could snatch a glimpse of Concorde parked up on the apron in front of it’s hanger.

Ahhh. We were easily pleased back then!