Thank You Asobo and Microsoft

I just want to thank the team for a great update.

I have been flying in Flight Simulator since FS 5.0 when I was a very young child when my dad first introduced me to aviation and have had my hands on every version since. As of late, I have still flown here and there but performance has given me hell on my personal PC (i9, 2080). The improvements in performance today gave me that renewed passion back. Seeing it run with such incredible performance tonight ■■■■ near brought tears to my eyes.

Sure, there are bugs. Sure, there are some graphical hiccups. That said, having worked in the games industry - I know that you are actively developing the game and doing your best to optimize it and provide us with the best experience. Developing for multiple platforms is no easy task. I think people takes games/sims of this scale for granted, not realizing the incredible amount of work and effort it takes to create and perfect. What you have created thus far is nothing short of incredible with the engine you’ve developed here and I know that there are more updates and incredible things to come.

Please, from a lifelong simmer - keep up the good work. We will be here to support you just as you have supported us so far.


Yeah, I used to have the same attitude.

Yeah, I said they were doing good and had developed a great simulator.

Yeah, I am feeling different now.

Yeah, I loaded FS2020 SU5.
Yeah, I clicked on a button, ALT.
Yeah, it did nothing but display some silly tooltip with a ? mark.

Yeah, I think that I need to stop spending the time
that I do spend on FS2020 trying to figure out things.

I’m starting to think that their interest is to XBOX.
It sure seems like that.

Yeah, I would like to fly some.

Yeah, maybe …


I was just as confused when the new tooltips showed up but enabling legacy mode resolves that. They could have been more open about the changes we would immediately see on PC regarding that feature but it is what it is.

Agreed. Wonderful performance improvements and graphics once they iron out bugs. Best so far. Too much moaning. This update will be the biggest step toward more realism once they get it right. I significantly cut my desktop crashes by getting rid of Rex airport addons


Enabling Legacy does resolve some.
Getting to how to enable the mouse left button was complicated.

I did get the left mouse button to turn the dial blue and to yellow.
But sliding the mouse left or right is erratic and not usable.

The mouse wheel does nothing.

And going to Legacy is not what the mouse was before SU5.

What a joke.

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Easy to say when you can at least fly. Some of us tried everything in the book and get constant CTD.


I’ve had it crash on me 4 times in total so far when loading a flight, but have been able to fly others without any issues. It’ll get ironed out once they get more info on what is happening.

I don’t know what to tell you as I haven’t experience any issues once I reverted it to legacy mode. All I can say is try deleting everything from your Community folder and remove any 3rd-party addons to see if you notice any changes.

That is interesting.

I have never had a problem with FS2020 until this last upgrade, SU5.

It is interesting that when I go to the ALT dial,
it turns blue when putting the cursor on it
and then yellow with the click of the left mouse button.
and then yellow with the click of the left mouse button, and holding it.
end Edit:

Then, sliding the mouse right or left is very erratic.
The altitude displayed jumps all over the place, up and down.
I wanted to set it to 3,000 feet but could not.

The wheel does nothing.

I think it is a setting but have no idea what it is.

How can anyone in the world put out a game with
no information about how to configure their options
and be of sound mind.

And a description of the new features and what the new features are.

And Legacy mode is not what FS2020 was before SU5.


Well, people only post here when they have issues. The sim has been smooth sailing for me so I’ve just been busy flying. I bet majority of the people who have no issues probably find no reasons to post here.


That statement is not true.

Many people view this Forum to gain knowledge from the other peoples
experience and to learn from this Forum knowledge about FS22020.

Exactly. I have zero issues and love the update. Posted a thanks post and all I got were comments about possibly being a paid poster or a troll. Lol.

Hope those having issues get them resolved but a big thanks to Asobo and MS for this update and the work they put into it.


I’m suspecting it’s probably mostly MOD related. I’ve got a clean vanilla install. Zero issues. And I saw Asobo also recommended moving the community folder somewhere else before the update. Overhaul to the core engine at this magnitude is bound to break some mods. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the cause.

edit: I also have the “studio” Nvidia driver rather than the “game ready” one. I find it a bit more stable in some cases. Not sure if it’s got anything to do with that.

No it is not MOD related. Not at all.
I have removed all mods before updating, still had ctds not to mention the other functional bugs, that are detailed elsewhere.
Some people have reported reinstalling everything from scratch for SU5 and still having CTDs.
So the issue is squarely with the update of the simulation itself.

Have you tried turning off the AI Traffic?

Actually it was never turned on.
But thanks for the suggestion.
I also read the release notes during the update process (it took many hours, so plenty of time :slight_smile: )

I’m honestly baffled by all of these issues that I’m reading about. Maybe I’m not running the sim hard enough. But even the 747 with full glass I was at a solid 60fps on high. Though I’m only on 1080p maybe there’s some issue with resolution scaling? Dunno. Haven’t tried my VR stuff yet.

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So that was your problem? Now please don‘t tell us that it took you more than three minutes to figure it out…

I absolutely agree with the OP.
This is an incredible boost in performance and experience for me on my system. Almost after 11 month of struggling with very, very bad performance, I can dive into a stunning experience. Sure there are many problems to solve and much work is to do but with SU5, I know my investment in this platform was the right decision.

Well done Asobo! :partying_face:

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Well, it took 2 days.

The mouse was not working with the default set to “Lock” after SU5.

How was I supposed to know to go to the Options, General, Accessibility,
Cockpit Interaction System and change it from “Lock” to “Legacy”.

Searching the keyboard Controls Options for “Cockpit” displays these:
Same for the mouse.

I don’t know if these options are new or not.

I have never made any changes to the keyboard and mouse Profiles.

I had no knowledge or seen anything about “Cockpit Interaction”